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Popular Carpets in Singapore and How to Properly Clean Them

How to properly clean carpets
Having carpet flooring has become not just a trend but also a necessity. Besides making your space look more sophisticated and put together, carpets also help muffle noise, absorb germs, and provide a safe environment.

Different Types of Carpet

When buying carpets, you need to consider several considerations, such as size, quality, material, style, and colour. Here are some of the different carpet that are popular in Singapore:

  1. Loop Carpets

    Most commonly found in homes and offices across the country. Loop carpets are made of low-cut loops of the same height, providing a more equal and uniform surface than other variations. This type of carpet is good for high traffic areas as it is considered the most durable carpet in the market and the most resistant to corrosion.

  2. Cut and Loop Pile Carpets

    Mostly found in bedrooms and living areas, the second carpet type is called cut and loop pile. This is made of loops cut in various heights to give the carpet more dimension and texture. The different-levelled loops create interesting patterns that work well as a decorative element in homes or hotel lobbies. Because of this, cut and loop pile carpets are considered a luxury item and are not suitable for high traffic spaces since they are not as resistant to loop carpets.

  3. Saxony carpets

    Saxony carpets are soft and supple. They’re composed of yarn that has been heated to give it its soft texture. Like other carpets, Saxony comes in different variations and colours and is mostly used as home decor. It’s known for its versatility and durability, making it an object of both aesthetics and function that is perfect for either a casual or formal setting.

  4. Cable Carpets

    One of the most casual carpets available, cable carpets, gives the space a bohemian and organic aesthetic. They’re made of thick yarns that have been twisted together to give them a rope-like appearance and texture. Because of the dense material, it’s strong enough to withstand several indoor activities.

  5. Velvet Carpets

    The last type of carpet is made of velvet. This kind of carpet is very luxe and sophisticated, perfect for formal settings. It gives the space a look of elegance and class. But be careful when you have a velvet carpet because it doesn’t hide imperfections; rather, velvet carpets make stains, smudges, and other marks very noticeable.

How to Clean Carpets

When you have a carpet at home or in the office, it requires utmost care and attention. The process of cleaning carpets is extensive, and it goes beyond simply vacuuming and steaming. It requires the help of professional technicians. Through regular carpet cleaning services, you can ensure that your carpets are given the proper treatment they require.

Depending on the material and the condition of your carpet, the cleaning technique may vary. Your professional carpet cleaner will provide a customized plan to target your carpet problems. Whether you require regular cleaning, stain removal, or disinfection, your carpet cleaning services should provide you with the proper solutions.

Some of the carpet cleaning methods might include:

  1. Vacuuming

    Vacuuming extracts surface-level dirt and grime to prep the carpet for deep cleaning. This process should be done on a weekly basis to ensure that you remove as much filth as possible before handing the reins to your carpet cleaner.

  2. Dry Foam Carpet Shampooing

    One way to ensure a deep clean is through dry foam carpet shampooing. This method involves a machine that pours a water-based shampoo on your carpets. Simultaneously, it gently scrubs the shampoo to penetrate even the deep recesses of your carpet’s fibres to ensure that it’s cleaned thoroughly. Then the loosened dirt is absorbed by the built-in foam and immediately extracted from the carpet. It also dries quickly without leaving a sticky residue that is ideal for regular carpet maintenance.

  3. Spot Removal

    If you have carpets, you need to be prepared for accidental spillage. Fortunately, with advanced technology, carpet cleaning services in Singapore offer an eco-friendly and highly effective stain removal solution that works to eradicate even the toughest stains.

  4. Carpet Protection

    Applying a carpet protective layer works best at the end of every carpet cleaning process. Employing carpet protection ensures that your carpets are more resilient to future stains and accidents. Moreover, it prevents dust and germs from being absorbed by your carpets.

Why Employing Carpet Cleaning Services is a Must

There are several reasons why you should have your carpets cleaned regularly. The main reasons involve aesthetics, endurance, and health.

  • Carpet Cleaners Help Improve the Aesthetics of Your Space

    Having carpets at home or in the office setting accentuates the total space.
    You cannot afford to have a dirty carpet because it will affect the overall ambience. A simple imperfection like a spot in one area can make or break the beauty of your space. To ensure that your carpets remain attractive and fresh, it needs to undergo at least thorough cleaning at least twice every year.

  • Carpet Cleaners Help Prolong the Life of Your Carpets

    Getting regular carpet treatments also helps your carpets live longer. You might not know it, but even the smallest particle can leave an impact when it’s not immediately removed. If you leave your carpets uncleaned for long durations, they will collect dust, dirt, food particles, and bacteria which will seep through the fibres. Bacteria will grow and multiply. They will spread throughout your floor surface and may eventually lead to your carpet’s deterioration.

  • Carpet Cleaners Promotes Better Health
    When you don’t clean your carpets regularly, the material will not be the only one to suffer. You, your family, and your employees might be negatively affected as well. Hiring regular carpet cleaning services in Singapore plays a vital role in improving people’s health conditions. Through specialized carpet cleaning methods, the existing bacteria living in your carpets will be effectively eradicated, preventing the development of allergic reactions and unwanted diseases.

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