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Proper Office Cleaning as a Safeguard for Employees’ Health

A study conducted by the University of Arizona featured in the Wall Street Journal confirmed that the office is a haven for germs, bacteria and viruses. The lead researcher of the study, renowned microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba, discovered relevant data regarding exponential bacterial growth within office premises.

Dr. Gerba’s research further showed that workers’ desks contained more bacteria than toilet seats. Toilet seats in the office contained an estimated 49 germs per square inch whereas desktops contained 21,000 germs per square inch. Worse, telephones had more than 25,000 germs per square inch.

Cluttered office spaces act as a breeding ground for harmful micro-organisms. These microbes, with a lifespan of at least three days, thrive in desks, computer keyboards, telephones, carpets and office furniture. The spread of contagious diseases such as cold and flu among employees becomes inevitable due to increased exposure to disease-causing micro-organisms in their work stations.

As a result, when employees get sick, their productivity levels decline. Without good health, productivity of workers can be sluggish for extended periods. The impact of employees’ health on the profitability of a business cannot be undermined. According to ISSA, the global cleaning industry association, sick days account for 54% productivity loss (or 39% drop in sales) annually. This signifies that businesses tend to lose money every year when more employees call in sick. To help employees perform their best, maintenance of hygienic work environments must be a priority.

Advantages of Choosing Professional Office Cleaners

Cleaning office spaces is no easy feat. It demands expertise on equipment handling and cleaning procedures. As such, office cleaning is best left in the hands of professional office cleaner. Here are some of the advantages of hiring professional cleaners over amateur cleaners:

  1. Customised approach to office cleaning.

    Professional cleaning technicians employ only a customised approach to office cleaning. These skilled experts do not advocate a one-size-fits-all strategy unlike amateurs. Before taking on projects, they listen to client needs and make recommendations based on specific problem areas. The scope of work and human traffic will determine how frequent does the office cleaners need to do the cleaning.

  2. Jobs get done

    Unlike amateur cleaners, professional office cleaners know how to execute their cleaning methodologies. They carefully handpick the type of cleaning agents to be used and make sure these are eco-friendly and safe. Cleaning technicians go out of their way to get things done. They clean meticulously, giving special attention to detail to each corner within your office.

  3. Adhere to industry standards

    Being licensed professionals, they adhere to proper cleaning and disinfection procedures that are compliant with industry standards. They are trained to follow safety and health protocols and follow ethical work standards, and ensure that their quality of service is at par with industry regulations.

  4. Trustworthy

    Working with trustworthy cleaners likewise prevents incidents of theft or robbery. They can also handle your office equipment with extra care. Professional cleaners are trained to abide by prescribed security measures.

Why Office Cleaning Services Must be Performed by Professional Office Cleaners, not Employees

To save costs, some companies engaged in the practice of getting the employees to clean their own work spaces. This business decision, if carefully scrutinised, is counter-productive. This is because it distracts employees and prevents them from finishing their important tasks during the day. Their precious working time is wasted on cleaning work spaces instead of devoting time to finish their projects and daily assignments. As a result, they end up being unproductive and less focused. Ultimately, this can hurt the smooth flow of business operations.

Needless to say, office cleaning is a duty that must be placed only in the hands of the highly qualified office cleaners. Hiring professional office cleaning services works to the advantage of any business, however large or small. With the assistance of reputable cleaning technicians, you can be sure that the specific cleaning needs of your company, regardless of size, are met satisfactorily.

Professional office cleaning is a necessity

Avalon Services’ Holistic Approach to Office Cleaning

Avalon Services offers an extensive array of office cleaning services. Our expertise includes the following:

We also specialise in commercial building cleaning services for in-depth cleaning of industrial facilities or large-scale work environments. We have a team of professionally accredited commercial cleaning specialists who will carry out high quality cleaning for your facilities at the best value.

Whether you desire daily or weekly cleaning or only a one-time special cleaning Avalon Services can help you customize a competitive package based on reasonable office cleaning rates.

For over fourteen years, Avalon Services has lived up to the reputation of being the leading provider of office cleaning services in Singapore. The priority of our skilled cleaning staff is to surpass your expectations, and get the job done efficiently and promptly.

Work with a company that’s committed to providing unparalleled commercial office cleaning services time after time.

Let us help you establish a business facility with a fresh, clean ambience that leaves a positive impression on clients and mirrors your good business reputation.

Work with Avalon Services, the trusted choice for office cleaning in Singapore. Get in touch with us today!

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