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Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

Upholstery Cleaning
Your house and office spaces may look clean on the surface, but dirt and bacteria can still linger within your furniture. Sooner or later, you’ll come to realize that disregarding your upholstery can cause more trouble than you think.

What are the Dangers of Not Deep Cleaning Your Sofas?

Your furniture is the most used decorative piece in your homes and offices. As such, it’s prone to damage caused by usage, dirt, dust, spills, and food crumbs. As highly porous materials, furniture tends to absorb germs, mites, and allergens. Your sofas, mattresses, and cushions provide the ideal breeding grounds for microbes and fungi to grow. When you don’t clean them regularly, you’re putting your health at risk.

One of the downsides of leaving your furniture uncleaned is skin irritation. The dirt and dust seeped in the fabrics of the furniture can aggravate your skin, which may lead to itchiness and redness.

Secondly, dirty sofas can cause allergic reactions that can lead to colds, lung irritation, and perhaps asthma attacks. This is because when you breathe, you inhale dust particles found in the furniture that can trigger your allergic reactions.

Moreover, dirty sofas invite bugs and tiny insects. Your upholstered furniture could be housing millions of microorganisms and tiny bugs that feed on dead skin and dust. When left untreated, more insects may thrive and breed, which can lead to an infestation.

The only way to avoid these instances is to employ fabric sofa cleaning services from expert cleaners.

What Services are Included in Upholstery Cleaning?

Although vacuuming and shampooing your sofas are good; they only clean the outer part of the furniture. Professional upholstery cleaning Singapore for offices and homes offers a wide range of customized services designed for deep cleaning your furniture. These services may include the following.

  • Steam and Chemical Cleaning
    This cleaning method involves two procedures. The first procedure requires mixing two chemicals and scrubbing them into the sofa using a machine. In doing so, they remove deep-seated dirt and stains.

    The second procedure utilizes additional two chemicals and an extraction machine. The chemicals clean, disinfect, and also deodorize the furniture to make it look fresh and brand new. The extraction machine with the built-in heater destroys the germs and mildew while suctioning the remaining dirt and excess water.

  • Spot Removal
    It’s natural for sofas to incur spots and stains. With frequent usage, it’s not a surprise to find spilled beverages, food stains, or mud marks on the sofa. But when you find it, there’s no need to panic because professionals can remedy the situation.

    Spot removal begins with stain identification. Through this step, experts can examine the characteristics of the stain and select the proper cleaning agents to remove them. This procedure uses high-quality enzyme detergents, spotting agents, and volatile solvents to safely and effectively treat spots.

  • Fabric Protection
    To avoid further accidents from happening, experts finish the cleaning process with fabric protection. This service makes your furniture more resilient to soil, dirt, and deterioration. It also restores the furniture’s protective properties to give new life to your furniture. As a result, the colour and the quality of the sofa are preserved for much longer durations.

What to Consider When Getting Your Sofas Professionally Cleaned?

But before hiring professional services, you need to consider two factors that might affect the overall cleaning process and eventually the sofa cleaning price.

The first thing to take note of is the material or upholstery fabric. This can be divided into two classifications, mainly natural or synthetic. Natural fabrics include wool, leather, linen, cotton, or wool. On the other hand, synthetic fabrics make use of nylon, acrylic, polyester, and acetate.

Synthetic fabrics are tougher and more durable. They are not prone to wear and tear and can withstand stronger cleaning treatments. Natural upholstered sofas are more susceptible to shrinking and wrinkling, which means that they require a much gentler approach to cleaning.

The second factor to consider is the condition of the furniture. Is it new or old? Is it in good condition or greatly damaged? Does it require a regular touch-up or deep cleaning? Evaluating the state of your sofa can help you determine the kind of services you require.

What are the Benefits of Having Your Upholstery Regularly Cleaned?

Relying on professionals allows you to focus on quality over quantity. Hiring reliable services is a long-term investment that guarantees a clean, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing home and office space.

Having professionals attend to your furniture cleaning needs saves you from the hassle of maintaining it and the cost of replacing old furniture with new ones. Furthermore using upholstery services is a more environmentally-friendly option as it reduces the amount of discarded furniture.

Another benefit to taking advantage of professional cleaners is the convenience they bring you. As a career-preoccupied individual, you have more things to concern yourself with than cleaning your sofas. When you leave this task to the experts, you can spend more time doing what matters the most to you.

How to Find Certified Upholstery Cleaning Professionals?

To find the best and most reliable upholstery cleaning service provider, you need to thoroughly scout several cleaning companies and check their backgrounds. Deep dive into their list of clients and ask for feedback regarding their services. Get recommendations from peers, relatives, and friends and create a comprehensive list of prospective companies.

Choose a company like Avalon Services that has ample experience under its belt and a team of professionally trained staff, and their company is accredited by IICRC. They are committed to providing the best quality service to all their clients and offer incredible solutions to meet their needs.

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