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Polished hard flooring eventually degrades overtime, especially with high volume traffic. Whether made up of natural stone or man-made stone, hard flooring requires proper cleaning and maintenance.

Thorough hard floor cleaning needs more than just simple vacuuming or sweeping using soft bristle broom. Hard floors require specialized floor maintenance services performed by trusted cleaning professionals to keep a lasting impeccable appearance. With specialized floor maintenance from Avalon Services, your floors can retain its beautiful lustre and shine.

Marble Polishing

Marble flooring is made up of calcium carbonate. The porosity of marble flooring makes it vulnerable to liquid spills. It is also chemically sensitive to acid compared to granite. Hence, it gets stained easily or destroyed by acids through etching.

Avalon Services’ specialized marble floor polishing retains the pristine condition of marble floors. We make it a point not to use chemical-based and abrasive cleaners that damage your marble flooring. Our team uses gentle, ph-neutral cleaning formula that effectively removes soils and reinforces marble’s original protective seal to prevent future staining. Through our high quality polishing pads, your marble flooring ends up having a highly reflective finish.

Granite Polishing

Granite floorGranite flooring may be styled flame cut, honed, polished or thermal. Our experts in specialized floor maintenance always study the surface texture of granite floorings in order to formulate an appropriate maintenance programme.

Flame cut and rough thermal flooring accumulates dirt in lower areas. A honed finish with dull matte is porous, spill-absorbent, and dirt accumulating. While a polished finish is not vulnerable to dirt build up, it may show high traffic patterns and flooring imperfections due to incorrect mopping. our cleaners are professionally trained to remove grout residue and installation soiling and enhance granite flooring appearance.

Vinyl Polishing

Vinyl floor polishingVinyl sheet flooring is durable even against high traffic conditions. It doesn’t mean however that it is indestructible. Using high quality treatments, we gently work our way into your flooring’s seams, cracks and edges for a thorough clean. Our experts in specialized floor maintenance do not use overly wet methods because they destroy glue bond which holds down vinyl, causing the material to get loose or the corners to curl.

Why Choose Our Specialized Floor Maintenance Services

We offer a complete range of floor care solutions and specialized floor maintenance services best known for professional results. Our highly trained personnel work to secure top level cleanliness for hard flooring, with special focus on marble polishing, granite and vinyl floor cleaning. We help restore flooring appearance to an exceptional level to save you time and money.

Our floor cleaning solutions and products effectively eliminate heavy dirt build up in floor coatings, along with deep stains and floor scratches.

Our specialized floor maintenance experts ensure that your hard flooring is restored to its most excellent condition. You can count on Avalon Services to give your flooring unsurpassed durability and wear resistance. Restore the shine onto your hard flooring through specialized floor maintenance services only from Avalon Services.

As with any previous customer – we won’t let you down.

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