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Leading pest control company in Singapore that offers high-quality and extensive pest control solutions to eradicate any pest issues for homes and businesses. We are certified by the National Environment Agency and are highly experienced to create a tailored pest management plan for effective pest eradication and optimal protection.

Pest problems that we handle



We have a dedicated team of highly-trained pest control specialists that emphasised quality control services using the right equipment and techniques. Our team of experts undertakes consistent effort to invest in the latest training and technology for the safest and most effective solutions.


We have spent years devising detailed protocols to address pest problems in various industries. The foundation of our pest control methods has proven successful for our clients. Drawing on our years of experience working with property managers and owners, our pest control expert can quickly identify an establishment’s vulnerabilities that permit pests to access the building and find a haven.

Environmentally friendly

Eco-friendly and sustainable treatment forms the core of our offerings. We use green products and solutions to reduce negative environmental impacts.

Affordable prices

We offer quick and effective services at an affordable rate. We also provide free consultation and quotation.

Education: B.ASc. Entomology and Parasitology Universiti Sains Malaysia

My thoughts on Pest Control industry: We live in a society with high standards of living so we need to make sure that the well-being of people is not affected by the presence of pests. The pest management industry has become increasingly challenging due to resistance and evolution of pests as well as the stringent regulations that govern the use of pesticides. Besides having the right tools and equipment for pest management, we need to know more about our pest enemies (such as their biology and behavior) in order to outsmart them and bring their population under control.


Avalon Services offers preventive and corrective pest control services designed with a wide range of industries in mind, including residential, commercial, F&B, condominium estates and ad-hoc services sectors. In addition to pest control services, we have more than ten years of experience in cleaning services for these industries, serving over 400 happy customers.

Industry-leading Pest Control Treatment Processes

Avalon Services constantly offers exceptional pest control treatment solutions to protect the property long after treatments are completed. Our 3-steps treatment methodology encapsulates our ethics and goals in fulfilling each client’s needs with safe, quality and sustainable solutions.

Step 1 - Inspection

Depending on the case’s complexity, this process would start with a simple data collection through the phone, a site survey of the premises or thorough interviews with the clients. Our specialists would eventually visit the premises to identify the root cause and main factors of pest issues.

Step 2 - Treatment

Our team of experts will design a customised treatment solution based on factors like the pest species, the extent of infestations and the premises’ structural, environmental and behavioural conditions. The treatment will focus on pests breeding places and food sources. This process generally takes about several days to weeks, depending on the infestation level.


After the pest infestation is controlled, our pest control specialists will conduct a series of routine treatments, which usually involves regular monitoring, site visit and reviews to keep track of the progress. Wherever relevant, our specialists will update clients on periodic reports containing findings and suggestions.


Bed Bug Treatment

(Includes 2 treatments)

Property Type Our Price
Single Room $100 – 200
HDB 3 Room $250 – 300
HDB 4 Room $300 – 350
HDB 5 Room $350 – 400
HDB Jumbo/ Executive $400 – 450
Condominium $300 – 350
Terrace (1 Storey) $450 – 500
Terrace (2 Storey) $500 – 550
Terrace (3 Storey) $600 – 650
Semi-D (1 Storey) $650 – 700
Semi-D (2 Storey) $700 – 750
Semi-D (3 Storey) $750 – 800
Bungalow (1 Storey) $750 – 800
Bungalow (2 Storey) $800 – 850
Bungalow (3 Storey) $900 – 950

Ants and Cockroaches

(Annual contract except Ad hoc)

Property Type Frequency Our Price
HDB One-off (Adhoc) $40 – 80
HDB Bi-Monthly $210 – 240
Condominium One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 90
Condominium Monthly $600 – 660
Condominium Bi-Monthly $330 – 360
Terrace (1 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $70 – 90
Terrace (1 Storey) Monthly $660 -720
Terrace (1 Storey) Bi-Monthly $360 – 390
Terrace (2 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Terrace (2 Storey) Monthly $840 – 900
Terrace (2 Storey) Bi-Monthly $450 – 480
Terrace (3 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Terrace (3 Storey) Monthly $840 – 900
Terrace (3 Storey) Bi-Monthly $450 – 480
Semi-D (1 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Semi-D (1 Storey) Monthly $840 – 900
Semi-D (1 Storey) Bi-Monthly $450 – 480
Semi-D (2 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Semi-D (2 Storey) Monthly $900 – 960
Semi-D (2 Storey) Bi-Monthly $480 – 510
Semi-D (3 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Semi-D (3 Storey) Monthly $900 – 960
Semi-D (3 Storey) Bi-Monthly $480 – 510
Bungalow (1 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $80 – 100
Bungalow (1 Storey) Monthly $900 – 960
Bungalow (1 Storey) Bi-Monthly $480 – 510
Bungalow (2 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $100 – 120
Bungalow (2 Storey) Monthly $960 – 1020
Bungalow (2 Storey) Bi-Monthly $510 – 540
Bungalow (3 Storey) One-off (Adhoc) $100 – 120
Bungalow (3 Storey) Monthly $960 – 1020
Bungalow (3 Storey) Bi-Monthly $510 – 540

Our Customers

Our pest control team has served numerous satisfied customers and kept their premises free of pests.

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Pest Control specialist

Their control actions were very good and efficient. It helps to eliminate bed bugs and other pests effectively.


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How to get rid of termites and bugs?
One popular technique to eliminate termites is treating the soil around the affected property with a termites insecticide (termiticide). However, do-it-yourself termite control or treatment is largely ineffective since identifying the termite species is critical for successful treatment. Another effective method that is being widely used today is the termite baiting treatment, which eliminates the termite colony while being non-disruptive to the surrounding property.

On the other hand, one easy way to get rid of bugs, including ants, mosquitoes and cockroaches, from the property is by using bug repellent and making sure the property stays clean. Nonetheless, these methods are not one-hundred per cent fool-proof.

The best way to deal with termites and bugs long-term is to hire reliable pest control specialists who have the expertise and experience in termites and bug extermination, control and treatment for your case.

What are the pests most commonly found in Singapore?
Mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches, flies and rodents are the most commonly found pests in Singapore. Pests, such as bed bugs and fleas, may be brought in by humans or animals occasionally. Termites are important structural pests that can cause great economic impacts on the property owners.
Where can pests be found?
Mosquitoes are found in stagnant water bodies such as flowerpots, pails, clogged drains and gully traps. Cockroaches and ants can reside in cracks and crevices around the buildings. They are attracted to food sources such as food waste, rubbish as well as water sources.

On the other hand, flies lay their eggs on food sources such as food wastes and around rubbish bins, while termites can be found infesting building structures, especially those made of wood.

Is pest control really necessary?
Pest control is important as pests can carry diseases, infest the property, bite or sting the occupants and their pets. For instance, termites can cause costly property damages, while mosquitoes can transmit dengue virus. Therefore, exterminating and controlling pests in and around the property is critical for safety and health.
How do I prepare my house for pest control?
Although the preparation for pest control services is relatively standard for homeowners, most pest control companies will provide you with a list of specific preparation steps to be done before their arrival. Some services refuse to treat unprepared areas or areas not prepared according to their specifications. Generally, you need to do the following before their visit:

  • Cover or place exposed foods away
  • Clear or declutter areas to be treated; packed away clothes, toys, toiletries and other items
  • Clear out the countertops and trash cans
  • Keep the pets away

How long does pest control take?
Generally, preventive treatments are shorter, taking around fifteen to thirty minutes. However, a professional pest control treatment can take up to six weeks for complete eradication, depending on the level of infestation and type of pests.
Can you stay in the house after pest control?
It is safe to stay in the house after our regular inspection and treatments. However, for some treatments such as bed bug treatments, it is recommended to stay away from your home or building for one to several hours after the work is finished. The duration is not absolute and may vary depending on the type of pest control services you requested. You may even need to wait for up to twenty-four hours.

Nevertheless, if you opt for services that utilise safe and natural alternatives that do not contain any toxic chemicals, there is no need to leave the area. Still, the specialists may ask you to wait for around fifteen minutes to let the treatment settle and dry.

When should you do pest control at home?
The right time to opt for pest control at home depends on several factors, including the types of pests, the pests’ level of growth, degree of damage caused by the pests, and recurrence chances. Some pests need regular treatments as they tend to recur within a short time; other pests do not appear quite as often. Regular pest control treatments carried out monthly, bi-monthly or even quarterly can prevent serious pest infestations.
Should I clean after pest control?
It would be best if you waited for at least one week after receiving pest control treatment before doing a deep cleaning. Cleaning right after extermination may cause the chemicals to rub off prematurely, undermining the treatment’s overall efficacy. Talk to the pest control team before cleaning and find out which cleaning process is permissible.
How often should I do pest control?
Pests have varying lifespan and development cycles, which contributes to one of the main factors affecting the frequency of pest control treatments. Mosquito, for example, is a medically important pest that requires more frequent treatments as they have a short life cycle that can complete in as short as seven days. The chemicals used in pest control can stay effective for up to months, but they may be affected by human activities such as washing and watering plants.

For homes and apartments, experts recommend doing pest control frequently on a quarterly or bi-monthly basis. If your home has serious infestations, it is advisable to do monthly treatments over three to six months.

Are pest control treatments safe for people and pets?
Most pest control solutions today are safe for both people and pets. Therefore, it is critical to know what kind of products and solutions the pest control company uses. Hire only those that use registered and toxic-free products. Still, it would be best to let the pest control services know what type of pets you have to ensure they use products and techniques that are safe for your pets.
How much does pest control cost in Singapore?
Most pest control companies in Singapore charge their services fee based on the type of pest they are eradicating. Here is the average pest control price range for most companies in the country according to the type of pest:

  • Ants: SGD 90-300
  • Bed bugs: SGD 120-800
  • Cockroaches: SGD 100-400
  • Mosquitoes: SGD 120-550
  • Fleas: SGD 70-500
  • Rodents: SGD 170-650
  • Termites: SGD 90-300
  • Bees, hornets or wasps: SGD 150-1500
  • Moths: SGD 150-400

For routine pest control services, here is the common price range:

  • One-time services: SGD 200-500
  • Bimonthly services: SGD 70-120
  • Monthly services: SGD 130-250
  • Quarterly services: SGD 100-200
  • Annual services: SGD 300-450

Source: www.bestinsingapore.co

Are pest control treatments safe for people and pets?
Pest control professionals are trained and well-experienced to provide tailored solutions to the pest issue. We are armed with and trained to deploy the suitable equipment and pesticides needed to eliminate each specific pest.

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