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Leather Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance

Leather upholstery is usually made from preserved animal skin. This material, unlike fabric, has a fragile nature. It easily absorbs moisture such as body oils and perspiration. It also quickly fades and is prone to dry rotting when exposed to direct sunlight.

Leather also has limited elasticity. As such, leather upholstery does not completely revert to its original shape when stretched. This makes the leather grow loose and form cracks overtime.

The lifespan of leather furniture can increase dramatically with proper leather care. Avalon Services provides professional leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance to ensure that your leather upholstery looks excellent and lasts longer.

We treat leather material with alkaline-free and ph-balanced cleaning agents to produce a beautiful, supple appearance. Our highly trained staff opt for gentle cleaning treatments because harsh chemicals damage the protective coating of leather material and cause permanent staining.

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Benefits Of Leather Upholstery Cleaning And Maintenance

We recommend professional leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance for practical benefits, namely:


Leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance guarantees optimum durability of the leather furniture. It strengthens leather material and enhances its protective features against daily wear and tear.


Through leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance process, pigmentation of leather is preserved even after several years of use. It also prevents dry rotting or fading which causes animal skin material to lose it vibrant colours.


Heavy load and aging of leather material cause unpleasant cracks in your leather furniture. Sitting or leaning on cracked leather is not as comfortable as lounging on well-maintained leather. For better sitting comfort, leather must be in tip top condition.

Why Hire Our Leather Upholstery Cleaning And Maintenance Technicians

We have a reputation for working well beyond client expectations and industry standards. Our certified leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance technicians have undergone extensive training to understand the fragile nature of leather material and its various leather types.

Each member of our team is professionally trained to perform thorough cleaning on any leather upholstery material. Our sought-after cleaning methods preserve upholstery leather’s shine and soft, pristine feel without leaving residue or discolouring leather material.

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Leather Upholstery Protection

Leather lasts longer with preventive maintenance. For better all-around protection, we offer to apply protectors onto your leather upholstery. Leather protector keeps your leather furniture looking supple and shiny. Also, it creates a protective layer that work well against irreversible damage, dry rotting, premature aging and stubborn stains.

Excellent Leather Upholstery Cleaning And Maintenance in Singapore

Leather material lasts years longer when expertly cared for by Avalon Services’ cleaning professionals. As trusted experts in leather upholstery cleaning and maintenance, we strive to deliver excellent cleaning results you desire. Contact us for a free quote.