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People spend one third of their lives in bed. On average, people sleep for eight (8) hours a day. This would mean fifty six (56) hours of sleep per week and three thousand (3,000) hours of sleep per year. These numbers show that sleep is a physiological requirement for human growth.

Are you aware that your mattress can be a depository of various inorganic and organic impurities? Allergens, microbes, pollen, fungal spores, dead skin cells and critters can inhabit the mattress. A dirty mattress can expose you to harmful microbes and dust mite fecal matter which cause allergic reactions and respiratory ailments. With this type of sleeping environment, there’s a great chance you won’t be able to get decent amount of sleep.

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Benefits of Mattress Cleaning and Sanitization

Listed below are the benefits of hiring professional mattress cleaning and sanitization solutions from Avalon Services:


There are different creatures lurking in dirty mattresses. The most prevalent ones include dust mites and bed bugs. Mattress cleaning and sanitization from Avalon Services is the key to stopping pest infestation.

For best result, you must engage to pest control services.


Dust mites can grow very rapidly, multiplying by thousands overtime. These microscopic bugs feed on dead skin flakes from humans and animals. Although they are not disease carriers, they cause serious allergic reactions, especially to people who are allergic to their fecal matter. A single dust mite may produce twenty droppings a day.

People who are allergic to their droppings may suffer frequent allergic reactions ranging from nasal problems, fatigue, red itchy eyes and headaches.


Bed bugs are very small, wingless creatures that feed off on warm-blooded animals. These pests are known as blood suckers because they sip a few drops of blood from their hosts at night. While blood sucking, they also inject saliva into their hosts. When the saliva comes in contact with human skin, it causes serious allergic reactions such as skin itching and skin lesions.

Our highly qualified and reliable mattress cleaning and sanitization technicians are trained to decontaminate mattresses so you can enjoy better air quality and bask in a healthier indoor environment. We use eco-friendly (100% GREEN) treatments containing natural disinfectants for added protection against allergens. Avalon Services’ professional mattress cleaning and sanitization service kills pests naturally without using harsh chemicals that destroy the mattress or harm your family’s health.


Avalon Services is known for its highly advanced mattress cleaning and sanitization technology. This advanced approach enables us to protect mattresses against dirt, soiling and stains and make them last longer.

We also comply with strict industry standards for mattress cleaning – from the initial process dirt extraction down to sanitisation and mattress protection – to deliver desired results. Our procedures for mattress cleaning and sanitization effectively disinfect all mattress areas.

Convenient and Reliable Mattress Cleaning and Sanitization in Singapore

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Avalon Services’ mattress cleaning and sanitization is convenient because it is toxin-free and dries quickly. The mattress may be used in just a few hours after treatment application.

Count on Avalon Services’ highly efficient mattress cleaning and sanitization system to eradicate allergens and extract dirt embedded in your mattress. For tough and thorough mattress care, get in touch with us.

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