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Carpet gets dirty, stained, smelly, discoloured and worn out after many years of use. Regular washing, vacuuming and even over-cleaning can also take a toll on carpet and induce thinning and wearing out of carpet fibres.

Without proper protection and care, carpets are exposed to daily wear and tear. This can greatly reduce a carpet’s normal life span.

Periodic maintenance or standard cleaning is not enough. For great-looking and long-lasting carpets, professionally applied carpet protector is needed.

With carpet protection from Avalon Services, every single fibre is coated and shielded against dust, grime, grease, stains and all sorts of dirt that diminishes the carpet appearance.

Avalon Services understands that you want lasting results for your carpet. We provide professional carpet protector application after every carpet cleaning procedure to give your carpet enhanced protection against stains and resoiling.

How Does Carpet Protection Work?

Premium carpet protection products operate like a tough shield that effectively repels liquids and prevent spills from turning into permanent stains.

With excellent stain-blocking features, Avalon Services’ carpet protection technology prevents dirt or dangerous spills from permeating onto carpet fibres and penetrating deep within layers, thus preventing wicking or staining.

We highly recommend carpet protection because of the numerous benefits our customers will enjoy after protector application:

  • Easier Cleaning

    Dirt extraction will be easier because dirt and spill remain trapped at surface level. Avalon Services’ carpet care professionals make sure that your carpets are coated evenly to prevent the build-up of deep-seated dirt so that regular vacuuming becomes efficient and time-saving.

  • Tougher Guard Against Spills

    Avalon Services’ carpet professionals use carpet protectors with excellent wicking action to enhance your carpets spill resistance and hold up spillage.

    The carpet protectors turn unpredictable oil-based or water-based spills into blots. This enables liquid spills to form beads and roll off so it can be wiped easily with cloth, leaving your carpets clean and protected.

  • Long-lasting Clean

    Carpet protector will also prevent abrasion to carpet fibres and make high traffic areas of carpeting look and feel clean longer.

    and spots enables our team to formulate effective dye mixtures that give long lasting results.

Why choose Us Carpet Protection?

In line with Avalon Services’ eco-friendly cleaning philosophy, our cleaning professionals are IICRC-certified and use only 100% non-toxic carpet protection products that are safe to the environment and your family health.

Our carpet cleaning professionals are trained to apply the carpet protector effectively to cover all areas. This results in better dirt and stain protection and improved overall carpet appearance, without leaving behind foul odour or nasty, unwanted residue.

Our naturally-safe and CFC-free carpet protection products provide a robust, invisible protective coating for increased carpet longevity. In addition, Avalon Services’ carpet protector takes shorter time to dry, so your downtime is minimised.

At Avalon Services, our clients’ satisfaction is our top priority! We strive to take care of your carpet like our own by ensuring every one of our staff is trained to deliver optimum carpet protection service well in line with industry standard.

Why hesitate? Talk to us today and let us know how we can help you.