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11 Jan: The Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home

For the predominantly Chinese-populated communities in Singapore, Chinese New Year can undoubtedly be the largest and most significant event being celebrated to welcome the start of a new traditional Chinese calendar year. This spring cleaning checklist will help you appease the Kitchen God – and get your home ready to usher in the new lunar calendar ahead. How to Tackle your Spring Cleaning Checklist Effectively Getting your home in a fresh and festive mood in celebration of the Chinese New…


11 Jul: 8 Misconceptions About Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

A clean and healthy carpet doesn’t always have to be expensive and impractical to maintain. Be aware of these top 8 carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can hire the right company for your carpet cleaning. Misconception #1: Low-priced carpet cleaning service is a great value for your money. It is undeniable that all consumers, to some degree, cannot resist considering any product or service with a low price tag or is available at any per cent markdown value. This is…