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Carpet Colour Restoration

There are different known causes of carpet discolouration problems. These can be chemical spills, urine stains, fume fading, sun fading, dirt build up, high traffic, improper use of cleaning agents containing chlorine bleach and more. The unsightly marks of discolouration and colour loss in certain carpet areas leave carpets looking drab and worn out.

Carpet owners find it challenging to treat discoloured carpets because colour damage or loss cannot be restored simply through cleaning and maintenance.

Avalon Services offers carpet colour restoration as a practical solution to restore and maintain the vibrant colours of carpets. Our carpet colour restoration experts are certified by IICRC to undertake professional colour repair work and apply neutralising chemicals and dye mixes on dye-able fabrics and fibres.

Avalon Services’ expert carpet colour restoration technologists understand the science of carpet fibres and carpet colours. Our advanced carpet colour restoration technology consists of premium quality dyes especially formulated to rejuvenate, enhance and restore the lustre of carpet fibres. We take pride in our restoration system’s ability to correct discolouration, without altering original carpet colours or damaging carpet fibres.

We Deliver Our Promise

Our skilled carpet colour restoration professionals never make bold, over-the-top promises – such as “giving your carpets a brand new look” – to avoid disappointing results. Right from the start, we guarantee only what we know we are capable to do. Using our technical expertise, we aim to improve the overall appearance of your discoloured and damaged carpets. We have engineered special dyeing treatments to significantly reduce spot and stain visibility so they are less noticeable to the eyes.

Carpet Colour Restoration Process

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    The restoration process begins with fibre identification. We believe it is essential to assess the structure material of discoloured carpets to create desired results. An in-depth analysis of the fibre helps us understand which technique is most appropriate for carpet colour restoration. For instance, olefin and polyester carpets are not affected by chlorine bleach but may still experience colour loss. Conversely, nylon and wool carpets are best restored using dyes and toxin-free chemicals.

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    After fibre identification, the area for dyeing or chemical application must be clean. Carpet pile produces higher surface tension preventing penetration of chemicals onto carpet fibers. Keeping the surface clean is crucial before carpet colour restoration process so that a more vibrant finish is guaranteed.

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    Our carpet colour restoration technologists also determine which primary colour is missing in the discolouration. For instance, a green carpet with faded yellow spots means that it has lost its blue component. A careful study of missing colours caused by stains and spots enables our team to formulate effective dye mixtures that give long lasting results.

Low Moisture Solutions. Quick Drying Time

Avalon Services uses low-moisture content dyeing system that effectively bonds with carpet fibres and existing carpet colours so it dries up quick. It also sets on carpet fibres immediately so carpet can be walked on once the application of treatment is finished. This means added convenience and minimal downtime for clients.

Avalon Services remains committed to delivering only the highest level of professional workmanship. We give our best efforts to restore the beauty and colour of your carpets. Get in touch with our carpet colour restoration professionals today.