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The Varying Effectiveness of Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

The carpet’s fibre quality and durability are largely dependent on the manner and frequency of cleaning and maintenance it receives. In some cases, correct carpet cleaning methods as well as regular carpet maintenance is necessary to preserve its warranty.

Routine vacuuming and proper spot treatment are your first line of defence in ensuring that the carpet will stay clean and fresh.

But even the most fastidious cleaner need professional help to keep the carpet in its tiptop condition for many years to come.

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While you are spoilt for great options when it comes to carpet cleaning services for residential homes and commercial offices these days, it is still important that you have a clear understanding of the different carpet cleaning methods being used.

The top three carpet cleaning methods are steam cleaning or hot water extraction system, dry foam cleaning or carpet shampooing, and professional spot removal. Each method has varying effectiveness depending on the type of carpet it is applied to.

Take a look at these available carpet cleaning methods in the market:

Steam Cleaning/Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

Hot water extraction is a carpet cleaning method that is more popularly known as steam cleaning. This is the one of the most preferred methods used by almost every major carpet cleaning company when it comes to dissolving dirt and grime on the carpet.

This process usually involves three basic steps: (1) the application of detergents and other cleaning agents on the soiled surface; (2) the injecting of high pressured hot water for carpet fibre agitation; (3) and the use of a powerful suction system to vacuum out water and various elements from the carpet.

Hot water extraction can be either portable or truck mounted.

Professional carpet cleaners who offer the truck-mounted system can guarantee the recovery of up to 95 percent of the water used in the cleaning process because of its superior vacuum strength.

When it comes to servicing high-rise office buildings, a steam cleaning portable unit is the more sensible and viable option than a truck-mounted hot water extraction system.

Steam cleaning or hot water extraction system is highly recommended by all carpet manufacturers due to its strong capacity not only to clean the carpet but also kill harmful bacteria within the carpet.

However, the slow drying period involved (usually between 12 and 24 hours) makes the carpet in a high humidity office environment prone to mould growth. A busy workplace will also experience delay in the repositioning of all equipment and furnishings up to the next business day.

It is best to schedule for a steam cleaning activity over the weekend or on any business day where job responsibilities will be least hampered.

Dry Foam Carpet Shampooing

Dry foam carpet shampoo system refers to the application of dry compounds, absorbent mediums, and high efficiency vacuums for the efficient extraction of moisture, dirt, and other foreign elements from the carpet.

This dry cleaning method is known for its fast carpet drying time – an average of 1 to 4 hours only – due to the increased evaporation rate attributed to the specialised type of cleaning compounds and mediums used.

Carpet shampooing involves two simple but effective steps: (1) application of water-based (not oil-based) shampoo to the soiled surface through a motorized counter rotating brush machine; (2) removal of all soil and stains, even oily residues, by the extracting equipment.

Dry foam shampoo, when applied to the carpet fibres, allow both large pieces and tiny particles of dirt, grime, and grease to bond together and form foam fragments. This makes it easier to be efficiently removed by the extractor, rendering the carpet free from all superficial and penetrating impurities so they won’t re-appear later.

Dry foam carpet shampooing is a preferred method in high humidity commercial and retail applications where low-moisture and fast-drying process is a must.

Professional Spot Removal

Sometimes even the most spotless carpet flooring can lose its reputation. All it takes is for one tiny blemish or smudge of dirt to do so.

This is where professional spot removal takes centre stage.

Therefore, the most crucial aspect of this carpet cleaning method is the proper identification of the offending substance in the carpet.

The process of identifying the offending substance involves any or all of the following: (1) understanding that different carpet materials react to different types of spots or stains; (2) determining whether the offending substance is on the fibre or in the fibre; (3) finding out the pH reading of the spot or stain to specify the type of cleaning agent or cleaning method that should be applied.

Once the offending substance is properly identified, it would be easy to remove the spot or stain with confidence and success.

Professional spot removal usually utilises a combination of dry or wet solvents depending on the nature and chemistry of the offending substance as well as the depth or complexity in which it is embedded in or on the carpet.

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