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Tools and Techniques Used by an Industrial Carpet Cleaner in Singapore

Tools and Techniques Used by Carpet Cleaner

Industrial carpet cleaners play a major role in keeping commercial spaces clean. Especially for factories and other industrial facilities, floor carpets should always be well-maintained to ensure the safety of the employees and extend the lifespan of the equipment.

Because of its large scale, industrial carpet cleaning cannot be done on your own., Instead, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company with the right equipment and trained manpower to do the job for you. With their innovative cleaning technology and strategic methods, they can execute the best industrial carpet treatment for your building.

Whether it’s an airport or a commercial building, hiring a licensed industrial carpet cleaner to maintain the quality of the floors can offer incredible benefits to the space, such as conveying a positive message to the clients and thoroughly removing dirt and bacteria to promote a healthy environment. But how is it done?

The Innovative Industrial Carpet Care Equipment Used

Carpet cleaning Singapore-based companies make use of innovative cleaning equipment and environmentally safe solutions. Due to the developments in technology and cleaning chemistry, the new formulations are much cleaner and safer to use, especially for high-traffic and high-activity facilities. Paired with ergonomic and efficient tools, cleaning industrial spaces with a large floor plan has become much more doable and efficient.

Some of the innovations cleaning companies used to tackle industrial carpet maintenance include:

  • Motors
    Motors increase the portability and movement of cleaning equipment without sacrificing power. With the introduction of motors, cleaners can properly treat carpets without any limitations.
  • Wands
    Another innovative tool used by professionals is a carpet wand. This tool allows cleaners to glide through the large surface smoothly without causing physical stress. Due to its construction, removing dirt residue has become much more ergonomic, thereby reducing injuries and time spent on cleaning.What’s more, extraction wands have also lowered drying times significantly, especially during wet extraction procedures. Because of this, the waiting time is shortened, allowing industrial operations to return to normal at a much faster rate.
  • Automated Tools And Robotic Technology
    For industrial facilities that operate 24/7 and cannot afford to close down for carpet maintenance, a great innovation to carpet care is smart cleaning technology. Automation and robotics have made their way into the cleaning sector, and they’re boosting efficiency and overall convenience.Leading industrial cleaning companies have started to integrate AI cleaning robots into their services to clean large carpets without causing a disruption.
  • Green Solutions
    Besides these tools, companies in Singapore have also taken efforts to switch to green cleaning solutions to protect the health and safety of all employees and clients.

Industrial Carpet Cleaning Methods

Along with the innovation in tools and solutions, the cleaning industry in Singapore has also developed efficient methods and techniques that increase effectiveness while cutting down on time used to complete the task. These include:

  • Hot water extraction – The most common method of cleaning carpets and rugs that utilises high-pressure equipment to agitate the fibres and dissolve the dirt. After applying the solution and letting it settle in the carpet, it will be rinsed off and left to dry in cold temperatures.
  • Bonnet Carpet Cleaning – Usually used for commercial carpet maintenance. It has a high agitation and absorbency feature to remove dirt and other particles. It’s also quick and fuss-free, which makes this treatment ideal for high-traffic areas like hotel reception and other public spaces.
  • Encapsulation cleaning – This method relies on foam detergents to clean the carpets, thereby reducing the amount of liquid to 80%. Once the detergent is applied to the carpets, it will encapsulate the dirt particles and dry up quickly. After it’s dried, the solution, along with all the captured dirt, will be vacuumed, leaving a clean and new industrial carpet in no time at all.

The Difference Between Industrial and Residential Carpet Cleaners

As you search for carpet cleaners, you will find residential carpet cleaners also doing industrial carpet cleaning. Although there is nothing wrong with this, you will notice the difference once they have completed the job.

One difference is their line of experience and expertise. Residential cleaners often clean carpets that are used at home, which gets far less traffic than commercial and industrial carpets. Industrial carpets receive a great amount of traffic, trapping more dirt, soil and grime into their fibres. With such heavy dirt, regular carpet cleaning is not enough to get rid of all the debris and bacteria embedded in the carpet.

To effectively remove dirt, oils, and grease usually found on industrial carpets, more powerful carpet cleaning equipment and potent chemicals are required. A professional commercial cleaner uses powerful tools that can steam the carpet at a very high temperature to release not just the grease but also stubborn stains in the carpet.

Another common mistake that people tend to make is entrusting the carpet cleaning to janitors and maintenance men, who do not have the specialised training to execute this special task. While office janitors can keep offices looking clean and neat, they are not trained to clean the carpet properly. Using ordinary soap and water is not enough to remove tough stains, which is what untrained cleaning staff will likely do if you leave the carpet cleaning to them.

Only professional industrial carpet cleaners can deliver the task with satisfying results. Indeed, with professional carpet cleaners, building owners are ensured of getting their offices free from harmful bacteria and preserving the quality of the carpet.

The Value of Seeking the Best Industrial Carpet Cleaners

Business office owners should be aware of the benefits of seeking the help of professional cleaners. A well-maintained and sanitised workplace are pleasant to work in.

Avalon Services has experienced staff to clean not only the carpets but also the whole building. Getting help from an expert and one of the most sought-after carpet cleaners will ensure building occupants the best results.

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