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Avalon Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning Thoroughly And Expertly Done, Time After Time

The absence of proper carpet cleaning can lead to serious problems for any carpet owner. Health risks may also come with ill-maintained carpets. Dirty carpets can be a breeding ground of dust mites, allergens and other microscopic pollutants, all of which induce serious health problems like respiratory ailments and allergies.

Dirty carpets can be an eye sore and destroy the overall aesthetics of home spaces and commercial interiors. This is easy to understand since carpets are easily noticed by anyone entering the room. No one is impressed with dirty carpets. Hence, professional carpet cleaners are needed to help keep their carpets clean and fresh.

When it comes to carpet cleaning services, Avalon Services is regarded as one of the leading provider in Singapore. If you want nothing but the best, the company provides professional carpet cleaning services with satisfaction, each and every time.

At Avalon Services, every assignment is viewed as a customized cleaning project. We recognize that one carpet cleaning job may not be the same as another. To do the job right, it is important to have good knowledge of using the materials, natures of dirt & stains, equipment and cleaning solutions.

Customized Carpet Cleaning Approach That’s Second To None

Before our carpet cleaners proceed further, we will conduct a careful analysis to gain insight on the following relevant information:

First, the carpet type – is your carpet made of natural fibre, natural wool or synthetic fibre?

Second, the carpet condition – is your carpet heavy soiled, worn out by heavy traffic area or heavily stained?

Third, the client requirements – do you want a light clean for regular maintenance or a deep thorough clean? Do you want quick dry result in less than two hours or accomplished carpet cleaning results in a few days’ time?

By gaining access to the above mentioned information, we are able to formulate carpet cleaning treatments suitable for your unique carpet cleaning needs.

Methods Employed For Carpet Cleaning

Admittedly, cleaning office carpets is something that can be done by office cleaning staff. However, not all the dirt is removed by ordinary carpet cleaning methods such as vacuuming. There are other cleaning methods utilized to effectively remove all kinds of dirt, soil and grease from carpets.

Here are the top three carpet cleaning methods we have constantly used over time to deliver the deepest, toughest clean:

Carpet Cleaning Processes

Cleaning Rates

Find out the cost of having your textile floor covering professionally cleaned by professional carpet cleaners.

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Service Price
Rugs cleaning (cleaning on site) $130 and above
Rugs cleaning (pick up and deliver) $150 and above (inclusive of transportation)

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Size (sq ft) Price Range Duration
Less than 700 sqft $250 – $280 45 mins
701 to 1500 sqft $280 – $400 1 – 2 hours 30 mins
1501 to 3000 sqft $350 – $800 2 – 3 hours 30 mins
3001 to 5000 sqft $650 – $1300 3 – 5 hours
Above 5001 sqft Free Onsite Assessment Above 4 hours


  1. These are general price range only. Actual quote may differ slightly depending on condition of carpet.
  2. Our commercial carpet cleaning services is inclusive of deodorizing, disinfecting, anti-microbial and anti-mildew treatment.

Why Choose Avalon Services For Carpet Cleaning?

Our professional reputation is anchored on our relentless pursuit to deliver excellent results and give your carpet the deep, thorough clean it deserves. These are what sets Avalon Services apart from the competition.

  1. Our team of licensed carpet cleaning specialist always look after your carpet’s longevity and hygiene with persistence.
  2. We employ a tough yet customised cleaning approach designed to get rid of all forms of dirt and stains that accumulate in your carpet in the most effective way possible.
  3. GREEN movement – we have well tried-and-tested carpet cleaning treatments which are 100 % eco-friendly and guaranteed safe for humans and the environment!

Time and time again, we have proven to deliver beyond expectations. Contact us today for that wonderful Avalon Services experience!

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