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Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore


Carpet Cleaning Services

Avalon Services is regarded as one of the leading providers for professional carpet cleaning services in Singapore. We recognised that every carpet cleaning job is different, therefore every carpet cleaning assignment is viewed as a customized service.

Before our carpet cleaners commence work, we will conduct an onsite inspection to get insight on the following:

  1. Carpet type – Is the carpet made of natural wool, natural fibre, synthetic fibre?
  2. Carpet condition – Is the carpet worn out by heavy traffic area, heavy soiled or heavily stained and the kind of stains found?
  3. Requirements – Do you want a light clean with regular maintenance or prefer a deep cleaned carpet? Do you want quick dry carpet cleaning that take less than two hours or wet cleaning that will take longer time?

Only after obtaining the above mentioned information, we will then recommend the suitable carpet cleaning treatments most suitable for your needs.

Carpet Cleaning Techniques

While cleaning the carpet is something that can be done by office cleaner, however, not all the dirt can be removed by ordinary carpet cleaning methods such as vacuuming or wiping. There are other methods used to remove stubborn stains, dirt, soil and grease from carpets effectively. Hereby are the top three carpet cleaning techniques we have constantly used to deliver the deepest, toughest clean:

  • Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

    Most industry experts believe that extraction cleaning delivers the best results for heavily soiled carpets. Carpet manufacturers also suggest the same cleaning method to avoid shrinkage.

    Hot extraction cleaning guarantees the deepest clean, quickest dry time and better success rates in eliminating stubborn stains or flushing out nasty liquids which may have seeped into carpet fibres.

    In the hot extraction cleaning method, our machine propel cleaning agents straight to your carpets at a high pressure. After loosening up the dirt and grime, a high-powered vacuum is used to completely eliminate the filth.

  • Dry Foam Carpet Shampooing

    Our machines gently scrub your carpets with water-based shampoo (not-oil based). This gentle, thorough scrubbing goes deep into your carpet’s fibres to loosen soil. Once the dirt is absorbed by the foam, it is immediately extracted without over-wetting the carpet or leaving oily or sticky residue.

    We highly recommend this cleaning method for regular carpet maintenance with its quick drying time and anti-resoil features. Our carpet cleaners also give special attention to high traffic and stained areas for extended carpet life span.

  • Professional Spot Removal

    Besides specialised carpet cleaning methods, we also offer carpet spot removal service. Our stain removal solutions feature mainly Von Schrader chemical products especially formulated to eradicate the most difficult stain problems, ranging from coffee stains, grease and oil stains to food colour stains, rust stains or adhesive stains. These highly effective, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are tough on stains but safe to use on different types of fibres.

    Besides carpet spot removal, we also offered carpet protection services  to protect the carpet against stains. It operates as a tough shield that repels liquids and prevents spills from penetrating deep within carpet fibres for a long time.

Our Carpet Cleaners Implement these Cleaning Processes



Thorough Vacuum

Thorough dry vacuum is done to remove larger soil particles like hair, sand, dust and other debris from carpets.



Pre-spray Treatment

This help to ensure the stains and soils are loosened and broken down (in particular oil grease and tar stains), so it is easier to remove them during the subsequent cleaning steps. This step essentially ‘prepares’ the carpet for cleaning and removal.



Manual Spot Cleaning of highly stained areas

Spot clean affected areas with suitable spotters, such as Von Schrader spot removal, grease oil tar remover, coffee and tea stains removals. Our highly trained and qualified carpet cleaner will identify the stains, treat and remove them using suitable carpet cleaning chemicals.



Scrubbing and ‘Agitation’ for Deep Cleaning

The use of carpet cleaning machines with soft cylindrical brittle and /or rotating brushes agitates the solution into the carpet and loosening soil particles from the fibre. This step effectively washes, brushes and disinfects the carpets to ensure deep and thorough cleaning.



Hot Water Extraction Cleaning

This is followed by using an extraction machine which sprays a pre-mixed chemical solution into the carpet under high pressure. This will dislodge any dirt and soil trapped deep in the carpet and is extracted by the powerful suction of the extraction machine to remove the dislodged soil. Similar to dry cleaning, this method effectively deep cleans the carpets and also will disinfect and deodorize them as well. For best results, carpet colour restoration may be performed after hot water extraction, to restore the lustre and colour of carpets and give them a brand new look.

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Cleaning Rates for
Carpet And Rug

Find out the cost of carpet and rug cleaning service by our professional carpet cleaners.

Rug Cleaning Rates

Rug cleaning (on-site)$130 and above
Rug cleaning (pick up and deliver)$150 and above (inclusive of transportation)

Residential And Commercial Carpet Cleaning Rates

Carpet Size (sq ft)Price RangeDuration
Less than 700 square foot$250 – $28045 mins
701 to 1500 square foot$280 – $4001 – 2 hours 30 mins
1501 to 3000 square foot$350 – $8002 – 3 hours 30 mins
3001 to 5000 square foot$650 – $13003 – 5 hours
Above 5001 square footFree Onsite AssessmentAbove 4 hours


  • These are general price range only. Actual quote may differ slightly depending on condition of carpet.
  • Our carpet cleaning services includes of deodorizing, disinfecting, anti-microbial and anti-mildew treatment.

Why Choose Us
For Carpet Cleaning Services?

Our professional reputation is anchored on our relentless pursuit to deliver excellent results and give your carpet the deep, thorough clean it deserves. These are what sets Avalon Services apart from our competitors.

  • Our service team of licensed carpet cleaners always look after your carpet’s longevity and hygiene with persistence.
  • We use tough yet customised cleaning approach designed to get rid of all forms of dirt and stains that has accumulated in your carpet in the most effective way possible.
  • GREEN movement – rest assured we only use 100% eco-friendly carpet cleaning treatments that are guaranteed safe for human and the environment!

Customers Review For Our Carpet Cleaning


How long will it take for my carpet to dry after steam cleaning?
For most carpets, it usually takes about 4 hours to completely dry. If you’re looking for a faster solution, we recommend dry foam encapsulation cleaning, which shortens drying time to about 1 to 2 hours.
How often should I have my carpets professionally cleaned?
It depends on what kind of foot traffic your carpets are exposed to. Stain protection for carpeting also makes a difference. Generally, we recommend professional cleaning at least twice a year for regular household, commercial building and office carpets.
What carpet stain protection do you offer and why should I use it?
We offer a high-quality fibre stain repellent (such as 3M Scotchgard carpet and fabric protector) that can significantly prolong the freshness of your carpet when applied after professional cleaning. It will also effectively extend the life of your carpet, especially if placed in a high-traffic area.
How soon can your team clean my carpet?
We provide professional carpet cleaning services 7 days a week and even during public holidays. Evening appointments can also be arranged.
Do you move the furniture to do carpet cleaning?
We may or may not move your furniture, depending on your requirements. Our friendly carpet cleaners can provide assistance in moving light items.
What kind of carpet detergents do you use?
We only use safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions with proven effect that are completely harmless to both humans and pet animals.
Does your carpet cleaning service have some kind of guarantee?
We work entirely according to your requirements. If, for some reason, you are not happy with the results, we will perform another clean. However, our clients are rarely not satisfied with our services and the cleaning result.