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Marble Floor Polishing


Marble exudes the look of timeless elegance. It features a distinct crystalline aesthetic with intricate veining patterns in rich colours. Marble remains to be a trendy natural stone décor whose lustrous finish appeals to modern and classic decorators alike.

Notably, marble’s lavish facade comes with delicate features. Marble has limited porosity, which means that it has low resistance against leaching, staining and moisture penetration. Marble, as opposed to other natural stones such as granite, is also known to be more chemically sensitive.

Marble is made up of calcium carbonate, a compound that is highly reactive to acidic agents and chemicals. Continued exposure to chlorides, sulfates and chemical pollutants results in the rapid deterioration of marble floors. Strong chemical action corrodes the material and leaves the floor surface looking etched and damaged.

There are other issues which contribute to the gradual degradation of marble floors. Poor maintenance leads to the build-up of grime, soil, dirt and mould between marble tiles and grout joints. Heavy foot traffic also ruins the reflectivity of marble floors, with shoe soles acting like sandpapers to wear off the floor’s glossy reflective shine.

As such, the delicate nature of marble floors requires special care and attention during cleaning. Day-to-day cleaning won’t suffice, not when resort is made to acidic cleaners and harsh auto-scrubbers. Marble floor polishing, if done inappropriately without professional assistance, can create serious problems and do more harm than good.

The better choice then is to entrust the task of polishing such delicate floor material in the hands of highly trained cleaning technicians.

Marble Floor Polishing At Its Finest 

Armed with 14 years of experience in specialized floor maintenance, Avalon Services’ possesses the requisite skill and expertise to achieve exceptional cleaning results.

At Avalon Services, the process of marble floor polishing always begins with a systematic understanding of marble as a natural stone. This depth of knowledge serves as a key advantage as it enables us to employ only polishing techniques proven that is suitable for marble.

Avalon Services’ unique brand of marble floor care solutions is undertaken by a core of competent cleaning technicians who know precisely what floor polishing techniques best complement the qualities of natural stone floor surfaces like marble.

Our Distinct Approach to
Marble Floor Polishing

Avalon Services’ approach to the process of marble floor polishing is characterized by distinct well-executed cleaning procedures. We take pride in our established methodology which adheres to the strict standards in the industry.

Avalon Services uses only pH-neutral cleaning agents during the initial dirt and stain removal process. We ensure that all dirt and grime embedded in the floor surface and grout joints are successfully eliminated, without the potential danger of corrosion.

We use finer grade pads to rid marble floors of light stone discolouration, fine scratches due to heavy traffic as well as surface stains and blemishes. Our trusted technicians avoid the pitfalls of using abrasive cleaners and chemical pollutants that worsen marble floor conditions.

We also offer to apply quality sealers onto your marble floors. Once treated with sealant, marble flooring develops better resistance against stains, water and oil spillages, excess moisture, mould growth and dirt accumulation between pores. We apply only non-acrylic, solvent-based sealers which are environmental-friendly. After treatment, marble floor acquires improved lustre and durability.

Whether you prefer a soft matte, low-sheen or high-sheen polish, Avalon Services guarantees a high quality finish that leaves marble floor surfaces in smooth and pristine condition.

Marble Floor Polishing Works

before and after marble floor polish
before and after marble floor polishing procedure
marble tiles before and after polishing

Choose Us for Excellence
Marble Polishing

At Avalon Services, service excellence is part of our tradition. Our track record as a leading cleaning service provider in Singapore speaks volumes about our commitment to excellence. We strive to keep our clients satisfied with satisfactory results, delivered on time.

Let us help you restore the former glory of your marble floors. Choose to work with Singapore’s reputable marble floor polishing experts. Get in touch with our team today!