Facilities Cleaning & Maintenance


14 Sep: 5 Benefits of Engaging A Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Why is there an emphasis on cleanliness in offices? It is a well-established fact that a clean workplace increases employees’ productivity. A clean office space also reflects positively on the company’s brand. Not only is a clean and orderly workplace beautiful, it also shows that the company values the welfare of their employees by making their lives better while at work. Benefits Of Engaging A Commercial Cleaning Services Company While keeping office workspaces clean is a shared responsibility between the company…


30 May: 5 Office Cleaning Etiquette You Should Know

Most Singapore companies have policies developed only for their employees. But how do companies manage personnel are not considered as in-house employees? For example, service providers like cleaning staff are required to come in for some office cleaning. Many companies have written and unwritten protocols for office personnel. Having worked with nearly a hundred of companies across Singapore and delivers high-quality cleaning services for offices; Avalon Services advocates that the same should be extended to service providers to ensure a…


09 Jan: Office Cleaning Checklists

With impending due dates to consider, escalating sales and a quick succession of meetings, cleaning the office is probably the last thing on your mind. If you have allowed the clutter get out of hand, it will be difficult to know where to start. If you want to maintain cleanliness and order in your office, then these tips on creating the office cleaning checklists will be of great help. Follow these checklists closely and you’ll see the difference it will…


24 Aug: How to Declutter Your Work Space – The Smart Way

Muster up the courage to control work space clutter and soon you’ll be on your way to increased productivity and career success. But when you start wondering how you ended up having a mountain of loose documents sitting on top of your keyboard or why you can longer find those documents you urgently need, then you’ve reached past your clutter tipping point. When schedules are tight and deadlines are looming, maintaining an orderly and tidy cubicle is just about any…


07 Nov: Do You Need Facilities Cleaning?

Offices, homes, and practically any kind of space needs regular maintenance. This includes cleaning the surface, doing repairs, as well as special types of maintenance works according to a space’s requirements and the materials it uses. For somebody who manages any space, cleaning isn’t always the straightforward, easy task that it initially seems. Especially with high-traffic, public spaces, keeping every nook and cranny conducive for as long as possible is a priority rather than an option.