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Fabric Upholstery Cleaning & Maintenance

As a frequently used decorative piece, upholstered furniture is prone to damage caused by dirt and dust, food crumbs, liquid spills, dirty clothes, muddy pet paws as well as chemical agents. When upholstered furniture gets damaged, it also loses its value. This is a common problem amongst furniture owners.

Avalon Services provides the perfect solution to this problem through professional fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance. Our team uses customised cleaning treatments and powerful equipment that effectively clean folds and crevices and loosen embedded dirt. Our expert cleaning technicians perform above par to ensure a thorough clean that removes nasty spots along with deep-seated dirt.

With Avalon Services’ fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance, nothing gets left behind – not even residue – except clean and sanitised fabric upholstery. The goal of Avalon Services’ fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance specialists is to simply extend the life span of furniture investments and produce a healthier indoor environment.

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Different types of fabric have different characteristics

While cleaning the carpet is something that can be done by office cleaner, however, not all the dirt can be removed by ordinary carpet cleaning methods such as vacuuming or wiping.

There are other methods used to remove stubborn stains, dirt, soil and grease from carpets effectively.

Hereby are the top three carpet cleaning techniques we have constantly used to deliver the deepest, toughest clean:

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Spot Removal

We pay extra attention to troubling spots. Avalon Services provides a full range of spot removal solutions along with fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance for optimal cleaning of fabric upholstery.

Our spot removal procedure begins with stain identification. Effective stain identification enables us to understand stain characteristics and pick proper cleaning agents. Our fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance professionals use high quality enzyme detergents, volatile solvents and spotting agents to effectively eliminate and treat spots and stains.

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Fabric Protection

New upholstered furniture is usually treated with protector, but the protection wears off after sometime. Our fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance experts can reapply the protector so the colour and beauty of fabric upholstery is preserved longer. Fabric protector enhances resistance of upholstery to soiling, dirt, daily wear and tear and water-based stains. It also restores protective properties to your upholstered furniture that help extend its life span.

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Gentle Treatments for a Tough Clean

Upholstery furniture is structured with intricate details. Often, fabric upholstery cleaning and maintenance companies mistakenly use excessively strong chemicals or excessively wet cleaning methods on fabric upholstery, both of which can cause spring corrosion or disintegration and damage to internal foam. We choose to use effective treatments containing gentle chemical agents, which are neither too harsh nor too wet to cause upholstery damage.

We know your furniture is a valuable investment. We help you care for it the best way it should be. Get in touch with us today and request a free quote.