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07 Aug: Eco-Friendly Office Cleaning Practices

We can all contribute more to protect the environment, and adopting environmentally friendly practices in our homes and workplaces can have a positive impact on us. You enhance your reputation as a green-conscious company by committing to eco-friendly office cleaning. This can impress potential clients and employees, while also showing your customers that you care about the broader environment. Creating a healthy and eco-oriented workplace can improve morale, inspire customers and clients, and even reduce instances of illness and downtime…


18 Nov: Cleaning and Maintenance of Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

Carpets offer various benefits you simply cannot achieve with other flooring options. They not only add beauty and style to the space but also provide protection, warmth, comfort, and improved air quality. It is important to keep them clean since they take high foot traffic and unintentional spills. They wear out if dust, grime, and stains are left on the carpet fibres. Do not wait until they get severely damaged and stained before you decide to clean them. Do regular…


12 May: Office Carpet Allergen: Causes and Prevention

Office carpet works as a natural air filter by trapping harmful particles and absorbing them into its fibres. Carpet also absorbs moisture that would otherwise accumulate on hard surfaces like wood floors or tile. However, the trapped particles are then released back into the air as inert gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen through respiration. As a result, it can trigger allergic reactions in your employees. Here are some causes of carpet allergens: They’re usually a result of environmental allergens…


13 Dec: Tools and Techniques Used by an Industrial Carpet Cleaner in Singapore

Industrial carpet cleaners play a major role in keeping commercial spaces clean. Especially for factories and other industrial facilities, floor carpets should always be well-maintained to ensure the safety of the employees and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Because of its large scale, industrial carpet cleaning cannot be done on your own., Instead, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company with the right equipment and trained manpower to do the job for you. With their innovative cleaning…

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services

28 Oct: How Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services Can Help Improve Your Business

Commercial carpet cleaning is the business of thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting carpets of office buildings, hospitals, hotels, condominiums, and residences. Any establishment with a carpet requires regular commercial carpet cleaning. However, are you aware that having clean carpets can provide your business with so many benefits? Commercial Carpet Cleaning Protects You from Insects and Pests Carpets not only give the office a sophisticated aesthetic, but they also function to muffle sounds of footsteps, chair scrapings and limit distracting noises. Although…

How to properly clean carpets

14 Sep: Popular Carpets in Singapore and How to Properly Clean Them

Having carpet flooring has become not just a trend but also a necessity. Besides making your space look more sophisticated and put together, carpets also help muffle noise, absorb germs, and provide a safe environment. Different Types of Carpet When buying carpets, you need to consider several considerations, such as size, quality, material, style, and colour. Here are some of the different carpet that are popular in Singapore: Loop Carpets Most commonly found in homes and offices across the country….