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How to properly clean carpets

14 Sep: Popular Carpets in Singapore and How to Properly Clean Them

Having carpet flooring has become not just a trend but also a necessity. Besides making your space look more sophisticated and put together, carpets also help muffle noise, absorb germs, and provide a safe environment. Different Types of Carpet When buying carpets, you need to consider several considerations, such as size, quality, material, style, and colour. Here are some of the different carpet that are popular in Singapore: Loop Carpets Most commonly found in homes and offices across the country….

Office Carpet Cleaning in Singapore (2)

19 Jul: Importance of Office Carpet Cleaning in Singapore

When it comes to achieving overall cleanliness, oftentimes, people look at it on a surface level. However, dirt and grime can still penetrate multiple surfaces, most especially your carpets. Why Do You Need Regular Office Carpet Cleaning? Since carpets are designed to absorb substances in a way that isn’t noticeable, people tend to overlook how much dirt, dust, and spillage carpets collect over time. As such, people don’t find the need to clean it. When carpets are left unattended, the…


17 Jun: Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Singapore

Before, carpets were thought to be an item of luxury. Now, people consider it a necessity for both homes and offices. Carpet flooring in Singapore has become the preferred trend, with homeowners realizing that this type of flooring can be cost-effective and stylish than other options. Carpet flooring has many advantages for you and your home. However, it comes with the added responsibility of taking care of it Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaning Services If you’re budget conscious and…


09 Nov: Spills, Spots, and Stains on Carpet: What Your Office Needs to Know

Spills, spots, and stains on office carpet are inevitable. But with the right action and cleaning procedure, permanent damage can be reversed, delayed, or completely thwarted. How do Spills, Spots, and Stains Differ from each Other? The IICRC S100 Reference Guide for Professional Cleaning of Textile Floor Coverings provides a clear and concise definition of each one. Spills refer to various states of matter resulting to dry, wet, or oily substance deposited on the carpet fabric. The probability of it…


10 Oct: Top 5 Considerations When Dealing With Water Damaged Carpet

Burst, pipes, plumbing leaks, and even flooding are a nightmare for business owners. It might take just a few seconds to occur but drying out the exposed carpet – and eventually restoring it to its former glory – can be a stressful and costly effort. Read on to determine the top five most important things to do when you have water damaged carpet in the office. Analyse the Situation Before doing anything else, you need to analyse the condition of…


11 Jul: 8 Misconceptions About Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

A clean and healthy carpet doesn’t always have to be expensive and impractical to maintain. Be aware of these top 8 carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can hire the right company for your carpet cleaning. Misconception #1: Low-priced carpet cleaning service is a great value for your money. It is undeniable that all consumers, to some degree, cannot resist considering any product or service with a low price tag or is available at any per cent markdown value. This is…