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Commercial Cleaning


Upholstery Cleaning

27 Sep: Why is Upholstery Cleaning Important?

Your house and office spaces may look clean on the surface, but dirt and bacteria can still linger within your furniture. Sooner or later, you’ll come to realize that disregarding your upholstery can cause more trouble than you think. What are the Dangers of Not Deep Cleaning Your Sofas? Your furniture is the most used decorative piece in your homes and offices. As such, it’s prone to damage caused by usage, dirt, dust, spills, and food crumbs. As highly porous…

How to properly clean carpets

14 Sep: Popular Carpets in Singapore and How to Properly Clean Them

Having carpet flooring has become not just a trend but also a necessity. Besides making your space look more sophisticated and put together, carpets also help muffle noise, absorb germs, and provide a safe environment. Different Types of Carpet When buying carpets, you need to consider several considerations, such as size, quality, material, style, and colour. Here are some of the different carpet that are popular in Singapore: Loop Carpets Most commonly found in homes and offices across the country….

Professional Cleaning Services

20 Aug: Why Engage Professional Cleaning Services in Singapore?

Even though cleaning is an important responsibility you can’t run from, it’s not a guarantee that you always have time to do it yourself. Especially with your busy schedules, sometimes, the best solution is to leave this responsibility in the capable hands of someone else. Why You Need to Hire Professional Cleaning Services in Singapore Whether the space you want to be clean is your home, office, or any other establishment, cleaning services Singapore provides a high standard of quality…

Professional Industrial Cleaner

05 Aug: Importance of Hiring a Professional Industrial Cleaner

Warehouses and factories are some of the most cluttered and hazardous spaces for business owners. They’re filled with heavy machinery, supplies, and tools that require regular cleaning and monitoring to ensure employee’s safety and efficiency. When cleanliness is overlooked in industrial spaces, it can be quite difficult to operate properly. So, for this reason, maintaining clean premises should be your number one priority. Why do you need to hire professional cleaners? Cleaning and disinfecting the entire workplace, especially the size…

Office Building Cleaning Companies SG

27 Jul: Hiring Office Building Cleaning Companies in Singapore

Every commercial building demands considerable building maintenance. A well-maintained office building gives an impression of a professional and trustworthy company both old and new clients will be happy to engage with. To keep your building spick and span and ensure that they’re kept in tip-top condition, you need to engage building cleaning services Singapore. What are Building Cleaning Services? Often, most people assume that having a clean and well-maintained office is a simple task that regular janitorial services can achieve….

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