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The Crucial Link Between Clean Office Spaces and Mental Health

The-Impact-of-Clean-Office-Spaces-on-Mental-HealthWhen people feel overwhelmed or stressed, they often turn to activities like yoga, mindfulness, or massages to relax. However, for some people, finding solace in tidying up their surroundings, such as dusting shelves, wiping down the kitchen, or organising the closet, can be just as beneficial for their mental well-being as using a mindfulness app.
Interestingly, the mere sight of a clean and organised workspace can help people unwind and de-stress, even after a challenging day at the office. This article explores the impact of cleaning on mental health, focusing specifically on office spaces. We will discover the advantages of cleaning and how you can incorporate a cleaning schedule into your work life to promote a healthier state of mind.

What Clutter and Mess do to your Brain and Body

Clutter in office spaces can significantly affect the brain and bodies of employees. Just as mess and disorganisation affect our homes, they can also impact our work environment and the people working. Here are some insights into how clutter can affect the people in the office.

Reduced Focus and Productivity

Similar to the impact on the brain at home, office clutter can drain cognitive resources and reduce the ability to focus. The visual distraction of clutter increases cognitive overload and impairs working memory. Employees may find it challenging to concentrate on their tasks and may experience decreased productivity as a result.

Increased Stress and Anxiety

Cluttered office spaces can lead to increased stress and anxiety levels among employees. The visual chaos and disorganisation create a sense of overwhelm and make it difficult for them to find what they need when they need it. This constant exposure to clutter contributes to a chronic low-grade fight-or-flight response, putting additional strain on the employees’ mental well-being.

Impaired Decision-Making

When surrounded by clutter, employees may feel overwhelmed and struggle to prioritise tasks and make clear choices. This can hinder problem-solving skills and result in suboptimal decision-making processes within the workplace.

Decline in Physical Health

The presence of mess can create obstacles and physical hazards, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. Unclean and messy environments are usually associated with poor air circulation and cleanliness, which can affect respiratory and overall health.

Poor Work-life Balance

Office mess can spill over into employees’ personal lives, which leads to a poor work-life balance. Unclean workspaces create a sense of unfinished business or contribute to feelings of guilt and stress when they bring work home. This imbalance negatively impacts mental health, relationship, and overall quality of life.

Simple Tips to Start With

Promote employee productivity and reduce stress and anxiety levels by following these four simple tips and realising the importance of office cleaning for a clean and clutter-free workplace.

Create a To-Do List

Fight the fear of forgetting something by keeping track of tasks and responsibilities in your head. Start using a bulletin board to pin reminders so you can have a clear and organised list of tasks. Doing so prioritises your work, you stay focused, and you experience a sense of accomplishment as every stakeholder in the office completes each item. This practice promotes mental clarity and reduces mental clutter that impedes productivity.

Clean your Own Office

While the cleaning crew may take care of basic tasks like vacuuming and trash removal, it is important to take ownership of maintaining a clean and sanitised working area.
Clean your desk, phone, and other frequently touched surfaces regularly by using appropriate cleaning products. As a manager or head of the organisation, consider investing in tools like a robot vacuum to automate cleaning tasks and ensure a tidy place. A clean office enhances physical health and contributes to a positive mindset and a sense of professionalism.

Eliminate the Clutter

Clutter, as mentioned, is a significant source of distraction and stress in the workplace. Take the time to assess your working space and identify items that are no longer needed or being used. Dispose of or donate unwanted items, or consider storing them when not immediately needed. Doing all these creates a more open and organised place that permits for better focus and creativity. Removing unnecessary pieces also gives mental space, enabling every person to prioritise tasks and work more efficiently.

Make Cleaning a Habit

Consistency is key. Do not let things pile up; incorporate tidying and cleaning into your daily work routine. Allocate a few minutes at the end of each workday to tidy up your desks, organise paperwork, and put away supplies.
Develop habits like clearing your workspace before starting a new task or project. You can prevent clutter from accumulating if you make cleaning a regular practice.

The Role of Professional Office Cleaners in Improving Mental Health

Here are several ways in which professional office cleaning services can positively impact mental health. Professional cleaners…

  • Ensure that the office is clean and free from clutter, promoting a calmer working space
  • Optimise the physical environment for maximum productivity
  • Make sure that the office is sanitised regularly to reduce the risk of illness
  • And their services reflect the priorities of the office head
  • Create healthy indoor air quality, benefitting employees by circulating clean and fresh air
  • Have the expertise, experience, and knowledge to clean and maintain the office space thoroughly
  • Allows office workers and managers to concentrate on their work

The Avalon Services Approach to Creating Mentally Healthy Work Environments

The link between clean offices and mental health cannot be overlooked. As such, Avalon Services has developed an approach that focuses on creating mentally healthy workspaces. With more than a decade of experience in providing professional cleaning services, it understands the importance of a clean and conducive workplace for the mental health of employees.

Avalon Services greatly emphasises maintaining high cleanliness standards through its comprehensive cleaning approach. A team of highly trained office cleaners who are well-versed in the latest cleaning techniques and use state-of-the-art equipment is employed to ensure that every nook and corner of the office is extensively cleaned.
Aside from physical cleanliness, Avalon Services knows the significance of a clutter-free workspace. It pays attention to detail and promises a 100% well-organised place. Avalon Services helps employees focus better and reduces distractions, increasing their productivity and bringing a more positive mental state.

Every office space has its share of unique requirements and challenges, but Avalon Services take the time to understand the specific cleaning needs of its clients and tailor their services accordingly. Regular cleaning schedules are also an essential component of Avalon Services’ approach to maintaining mentally healthy work environments. The team knows that cleanliness is not a one-time effort but a continuing process, making every office an everyday breath of fresh air for employees and other stakeholders.
Avalon Services also demonstrates its commitment to corporate social responsibility. Employees who are environmentally conscious would appreciate and value initiatives, such as going green in cleaning methods and products, thereby enhancing their overall mental well-being.

How To Incorporate Cleaning Into Daily Office Routines

Create a positive impression on clients and visitors by strictly following these steps to incorporate cleaning into your daily office routine.

  1. Establish a cleaning schedule outlining specific tasks to be completed every day, including wiping down surfaces, emptying trash bins, sanitising high-touch areas, and organising workstations. Assign responsibilities to team members or consider hiring a professional cleaning service.
  2. Encourage employees to take accountability for maintaining cleanliness in their own work areas. Provide guidelines on proper desk organisation, encourage regular decluttering, and emphasise the importance of sanitation in preventing the spread of germs.
  3. Make sure the cleaning supplies and equipment are readily available in the office. These include disinfectant wipes, paper towels, hand sanitisers, and trash bins. Having them easily accessible encourages everyone to clean up spills and maintain cleanliness throughout the day.
  4. Introduce short cleaning breaks into the daily office routine. Set aside a couple of minutes daily (preferably during non-peak hours) for employees to focus on cleaning tasks.
  5. Aside from daily cleaning tasks, schedule regular maintenance and deep cleaning sessions. These tasks include cleaning carpets, windows, air ducts, and upholstery.
  6. Plan them in advance and communicate the schedule to employees for minimal work disruption.

Incorporating cleaning into the office routine requires a collective effort. It serves to be beneficial for everyone because of enhanced productivity and positive work culture.


Having a clean office environment is crucial in ensuring your mental health and productivity. Clutter and mess can elevate stress levels, have physiological effects, and decrease focus during the workday. To make sure your work environment is calm, serene, and conducive to productivity, start with small changes like thorough daily cleaning of your desk and workspace, setting boundaries about how much stuff you accumulate in the office, and getting help from professional cleaners.
If you are looking for a top-notch office and carpet cleaning service in Singapore, do not hesitate to contact us.

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