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Cost and Scope of Work for Office Cleaning in Singapore

Clean office spaces translate into a highly productive work environment. Research studies show that when employees work in a tidy and organised work atmosphere, they tend to be more productive. Good office sanitation likewise enhances corporate reputation and influences staff recruitment and client retention.

Scope of Work of Office Cleaners in Singapore

If you’re planning to hire an office cleaner in Singapore, they can accomplish a comprehensive workload which encompasses the following cleaning tasks:

General Tasks

  1. Wiping Of Dust

    Office Electronics

    Office electronics equipment like laptops and computers attract dust. But since these gadgets can be damaged easily when handled improperly, cleaning them may be an arduous task. A professional office cleaner knows how to properly wipe the dust off computer screens and keyboards without using solvents that destroy antiglare coatings and scratching surfaces or leaving lint behind.

  2. Pantry Clearing and Cleaning

    Clean Office Pantry
    The pantry is likened to an extension of the office’s main kitchen. Since it operates as an area where employees eat their meals, it must be highly sanitised. Professional office cleaners help disinfect filthy kitchen and pantry surfaces by mopping kitchen floors, as well as cleaning the pantry sink and office fridge.

  3. Sanitising the Phone

    Cleaning Phone
    According to a study the University of Arizona, the average phone has 25,000 germ microbes per square inch. Since the office telephone is carrier of thousands of bacteria, phone sanitisation is imperative. Sanitising telephone systems is part of hygiene maintenance in the office. It helps prevent the fast spread of viruses between employees and protects them from catching colds or flu.

  4. Vacuuming

    Clean Carpet
    Dirt and dust accumulate in office flooring due to overwhelming foot traffic. Furthermore, dead skin and tiny food particles seep inside, causing it to become a perfect habitat for dust mites and other microorganisms. Through the suction power of regular vacuuming, filth and bacteria found in office flooring may be eradicated.

  5. Rubbish Removal

    Office Trash Can

    For rubbish removal services, office cleaners undertake to clean rubbish bins for every workstation and change the rubbish bins at specific intervals. Clearing the rubbish bins regularly prevents the spillage of decomposing food particles and the emission of unwanted odors.

Annual Tasks

  1. Carpet Cleaning

    Vacuum Office Floor
    Regular office vacuuming is not the ideal method to keep your office carpeting in excellent condition. Carpeted flooring, especially high-traffic areas, must be cleaned by professional carpet technicians at least once a year or in every 12-18 months. Office cleaners understand the best cleaning methods (whether it be deep steam cleaning, carpet shampooing, encapsulation or bonnet cleaning) suited to specific carpet material and in compliance with the guidelines of carpet manufacturers.

  2. Marble Floor Polishing

    Professional office cleaning companies also have experience in cleaning marble flooring without stripping it of its moisture and shine. Office cleaners know how to eradicate stain marks on marble floors using cleaning solutions that are coating-friendly and compatible with the flooring’s smooth surfaces.

  3. Upholstery-cleaning and maintenance

    Clean Upholstery
    Office cleaners are also able to provide spot removal solutions suited to fabric upholstery and leather upholstery. Since Upholstered furniture has intricate details, experts know how to implement a tough cleaning without causing spring corrosion or damage to the furniture’s internal foam.

Costs of Hiring Office Cleaners

Hiring office cleaners may seem to be costly at first, but the benefits of enjoying cleaning working premises clearly outweigh the expenses.

Rates for Weekly, Daily and Monthly Cleaning Sessions

In Singapore, the hourly rate for a daily cleaning session ranges from SGD $14-25$. For weekly cleaning sessions, the hourly rate may range from $20-40$, depending on the scope of work and the number of hours needed to complete the cleaning assignment. For monthly cleaning packages, the hourly rate may likewise range from $20-40$, depending on the scope of work and service commitment from the client.

Top 4 Benefits of Hiring Office Cleaners

  1. Trained Cleaners

    Professional office cleaners in Singapore are equipped with extensive training and necessary NEA accreditations to deliver the highest standards of office cleaning. They understand that every office environment presents a difficult cleaning challenge with different cleaning requirements so they devise a comprehensive cleaning program that delivers the best results.

  2. Convenient Schedule

    Hiring office cleaning services is also more convenient as you can schedule the cleaning sessions even after normal business hours. Professional cleaners can adopt your most preferred schedule, which means that your staff can go on with their daily assignments without being distracted by office cleaners.

  3. Cost Benefit Analysis

    Outsourcing office cleaning is worth every dollar spent in terms of value of service, as compared to DIY office cleaning. While the tendency for most companies is to handle their office cleaning requirements internally as a cost-saving measure, hiring an office cleaner is more cost-effective in the long run. Professional cleaners deliver quality cleaning services so that you can focus on what matters: growing your business.

  4. Healthy and Safety

    Hiring professional cleaning services eliminates disease-causing bacteria and germs in the office and even prevents the occurrence of work-related accidents.

Because of the numerous benefits of office cleaning, it becomes a sound business decision to hire a professional office cleaner who can help you accomplish all your cleaning requirements. If you want to inquire about our office cleaning packages and the scope of work we can do for you, contact us and receive a free quote today.