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Hiring Office Building Cleaning Companies in Singapore

Every commercial building demands considerable building maintenance. A well-maintained office building gives an impression of a professional and trustworthy company both old and new clients will be happy to engage with.

To keep your building spick and span and ensure that they’re kept in tip-top condition, you need to engage building cleaning services Singapore.

What are Building Cleaning Services?

Often, most people assume that having a clean and well-maintained office is a simple task that regular janitorial services can achieve. However, it is more than sweeping and mopping floors and wiping surfaces.

Beyond everyday cleaning activities, office building cleaning services allow your establishments to maintain a sanitary environment both inside and out through industry-certified cleaning methods in the hands of expert building cleaners.

Office building cleaning services include specialized cleaning tasks such as window washing, kitchen cleaning, workplace disinfecting, structural enhancements, and so much more. They are a diverse set of services that focus on more tedious and meticulous tasks.

What are the Services Rendered by Commercial Building Cleaning Firms?

There are countless services that building cleaning firms offer, which can range from general cleaning and building maintenance to complex and specialized services. All of them offer diversity and flexibility, so you must effectively assess the needs of your office building to properly request the necessary services.

Aside from general cleaning, your building also requires proper sanitation services, cleaning of the external facade, and more, which building cleaners cater to. They utilize professional equipment to perform cleaning tasks. For example, carpets are cleaned not only using shampoo and vacuum cleaners. They also use steam and chemical treatments to get rid of all the dirt and grime under the carpet. The same follows for office furniture and upholstery.

Due to the specialized nature of this work, building cleaners are required to undergo training to receive an IICRC certification. Having extremely competent and highly qualified cleaning technicians guarantees that all the requirements are completed efficiently and professionally while keeping in line with the industry’s best practices and following government standards to ensure customer satisfaction.

What is the Difference Between Professional Building Cleaning Services and Maintenance Staff?

Professional building cleaners are usually entrusted with the more difficult tasks of maintaining your building’s total cleanliness. While the general maintenance and everyday cleaning tasks are left in the hands of the building’s janitorial staff, the more complex and specialized tasks require the expertise of well-trained and experienced building cleaners.

The maintenance staff includes janitors, maids, housekeeping, and cleaning supervisors. They are responsible for simple cleaning tasks such as cleaning the floors, shampooing and vacuuming the carpets and throwing away the trash. These are routine tasks that are required daily to ensure that the office is well-kept.

Professional Building cleaners, on the other hand, are more well-rounded in their services. On top of accommodating janitorial tasks, they also handle more difficult responsibilities such as chemical treatment of carpet and upholstery, steam cleaning and sanitation, waxing and polishing of floors, and window cleaning. These professionals are accustomed to the complex and highly technical demands of the cleaning industry. They strive to provide services that cater to even the most challenging cleaning needs of every business.

What are the Qualities to Look for When Hiring a Building Cleaning Company?

First and foremost is the company’s reputation. It is a huge indication of how they will perform the necessary tasks and deliver the services. Although some commercial cleaning companies may offer the same range of services, you need to keep in mind that expertise matters the most regarding professional cleaning services.

Next, you need to consider their licenses and insurance. Before a cleaning company can operate, they must be registered with ACRA to obtain a business license from the National Environment Agency (NEA) of Singapore. They should also acquire liability insurance to protect their company and their clients from unforeseen incidents.

To prevent any accidents from happening, a cleaning company must be well-staffed with trained personnel who are effective and efficient. They must be knowledgeable in the latest cleaning methodologies and capable of handling cleaning equipment and chemicals.

A reliable commercial building cleaning company should have enough manpower to provide the services you require at the time you need them most. Apart from outstanding cleaning performance, they should also provide excellent customer service with a friendly, respectful, and accommodating staff.

Lastly, when it comes to cleaning buildings, a trustworthy company must offer a holistic approach by offering customized services that carefully inspect and evaluate your premises while considering all aspects of your commercial space needs. In doing so, they can better propose effective solutions to enhance your building maintenance to reach its optimum condition.

What are the Advantages of Hiring Building Cleaning Services?

Proper sanitation and office maintenance are crucial to conducting business accordingly. Take a look at the advantages of employing building cleaning services:

  • Protects Employees’ Health
    Hiring building cleaners ensures that your employees work in a clean and hygienic environment conducive to corporate business transactions. In addition, having a well-maintained office inside and out allows your employees to reach optimum productivity.
  • Maintains your Company’s Good Image and Reputation
    Professional building cleaners make it a point to showcase and highlight the best features of your office space so you can build a positive image for your company. From the exterior facade to the interiors, having a clean and tidy space attracts customers and improves your overall business.
  • Prolongs the Lifespan of your Building
    Another advantage of hiring professional building cleaning services is that they guarantee that your office space gets the care and maintenance it needs. They have acquired training and years of experience to ensure that all methods and equipment used to clean will not cause any damage. Likewise, they understand the safety precautions that they need to take to keep your office’s interior and exterior spaces in the best condition possible.Keeping everything pristine allows your office building to function properly for a long time.
  • Saves Money
    While hiring professional building cleaners requires spending, it ultimately helps you reduce costs in the long run and increase your company’s profitability. Rather than replacing your existing carpet and office furniture with brand new ones, keeping them well-maintained with the proper cleaning process can make them useful for longer periods.


Investing in a reliable building cleaning company is a wise move for all business owners. Whatever your needs are, professional building cleaners can provide suggestions that best fit your needs

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