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05 Jul: The Crucial Link Between Clean Office Spaces and Mental Health

When people feel overwhelmed or stressed, they often turn to activities like yoga, mindfulness, or massages to relax. However, for some people, finding solace in tidying up their surroundings, such as dusting shelves, wiping down the kitchen, or organising the closet, can be just as beneficial for their mental well-being as using a mindfulness app. Interestingly, the mere sight of a clean and organised workspace can help people unwind and de-stress, even after a challenging day at the office. This…


12 May: Office Carpet Allergen: Causes and Prevention

Office carpet works as a natural air filter by trapping harmful particles and absorbing them into its fibres. Carpet also absorbs moisture that would otherwise accumulate on hard surfaces like wood floors or tile. However, the trapped particles are then released back into the air as inert gases like carbon dioxide or nitrogen through respiration. As a result, it can trigger allergic reactions in your employees. Here are some causes of carpet allergens: They’re usually a result of environmental allergens…


10 May: Selecting A Reputable Carpet Cleaning Company

Regardless of the fact that it is on the floor, it is amongst the highly noticeable accessories. Hence, regular cleaning is of the essence. However, it is also a recognised circumstance that scrubbing and vacuuming a rug require not only the skill but also the patience to perform the task. So to free yourself from such burden, why don’t you consider hiring a cleaning specialists in Singapore?


19 Mar: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners opt for D.I.Y cleaning methods to save more dollars. If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, you probably like doing the carpet cleaning yourself; in fact, you might just be the type who chooses to clean rugs and carpets with cheap foam shampoo or anti-bacterial powder. Why Go For Professional Carpet Cleaning  Are you the type who likes to deal with carpet stains? Are you the type who likes to scrub out those dark spots? If yes is your answer,…