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6 Office Best Practises to Promote Health and Safety in 2022

Although vaccination rates are up and COVID cases are down, it’s still important to prioritise health and safety. Especially since more and more employees are returning to their regular office setting, business owners need to pay close attention to mandatory safety management requirements and implement best practices to promote a safer, better, and more productive work environment in 2022.

That said, below are some of the best practices that business owners need to enforce this year.

Follow the Safety Management Measures

The Ministry of Manpower (MoM) released the requirements for safe management measures in the workplace that offices must follow rigidly. These are a set of guidelines that form the basics of a safe working environment, and it goes as follows:

  • Offices can accept up to 50% of the return of their employees starting January 2022.
  • Employees who will report to the office need to undergo testing before entering the premises.
  • All qualified staff members must wear masks at all times while inside the workplace.
  • Social gatherings must be minimised.
  • Working across different sites is not allowed to reduce exposure.
  • Common areas such as the entrances, meeting rooms, pantries, lifts, and lobbies must be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • The cleaning methods and materials used must be in accordance with the National Environment Agency.

Conduct Regular Inspections

While following the government’s requirements can lessen the danger of COVID-19 in the workplace, you still need to make extra efforts to ensure that all areas are covered. To do this, you need to conduct regular inspections.

Make sure to visit different areas around your workplace to see whether or not your employees are following the rules and regulations. In addition, you also need to assess whether your office is equipped with the supplies it needs to maintain a safe environment.

For instance, alcohol, hand sanitisers, and wipes must be available in most areas, especially those with high foot traffic.

Assign a Safety Team

Depending on the size of your office, conducting inspections may be challenging if there’s only one person assigned to it. For maximum efficiency, a better option is to appoint a team to oversee all safety-related tasks around the office.

The team should be well-versed in your safety guidelines. Should any incidents occur, they should immediately know what to do and carry out the proper procedures to moderate any situation, whether it be related to COVID-19 or another emergency.

Set Emergency Protocols

Despite COVID-19 being the most pressing issue this year, other emergencies can arise that may threaten your company’s safety. As such, setting emergency protocols and making them available for your employees is necessary to keep them protected.

Here are some of the procedures you need to follow to prepare for any emergency:

  • Stay updated with natural disasters
  • Ensure that you have the proper insurances
  • Identify potential risks in your company
  • Determine crucial zones in your office and find ways to protect them
  • Develop a management plan
  • Train your employees for emergency situations

Preparation is key to lessen damage and protect everyone’s well-being during these instances. For this reason, emergency planning is a best practice every organisation must follow.

Take Regular Breaks

Another best practice is to encourage employees to take regular breaks. Not only does this minimise social gatherings, but it also helps reduce stress and exhaustion that can lead to a weakened immune system.

With a more relaxed mind, your employees can be more alert and productive to improve their output.
To ensure that they maximise their work hours and don’t take advantage of their breaks, one helpful tip is to develop a schedule where every employee can choose a specific time slot. Doing so will set limitations and promote transparency across the whole organisation.

Schedule Regular Cleaning and Disinfecting Services

One of the most effective ways to provide a conducive environment for your employees is to hire office cleaning services in Singapore. Getting a professional office cleaner regularly can ensure that your space is free of germs and disease-causing bacteria by performing deep cleaning tasks.

Moreover, an office cleaner in Singapore can offer disinfection cleaning services by applying antimicrobial coating when addressing high touch surfaces.

Apply these Best Practises Now

With these in place, you can improve the workplace setting to make it safer, better, and more productive in 2022.

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