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4 Household Pests in Singapore and the Diseases They Spread

Pest infestation is one of the most critical variables you need to account for when prioritising your household’s health and safety.

While some household pests like ants and termites do not spread diseases, others like cockroaches, flies, and rodents do. So, to protect your health from these pests, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the dangers they pose.

Below is a list of common pests you may encounter at home and the diseases they can spread.


Rodents have been responsible for some of the most significant medical phenomena worldwide, like the plague, leptospirosis, and murine typhus. But aside from that, they also destroy properties, contaminate food, and spread dirt and other diseases.

Some of the most dangerous diseases caused by rats and mice include:

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome (HPS)
    HPS is a severe respiratory disease that can sometimes lead to fatality. The early symptoms of this disease are fever, muscle pains, stomach problems, headaches, and chills. If left untreated, symptoms can develop into shortness of breath and fluid-filled lungs.According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, Contact with particles contaminated by rat droppings or urine can spread HPS. It can also spread through rat bites, although this is less common.
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome (HFRS)
    An extension of the previously mentioned disease, the HFRS is characterised by fever and renal failure. The early symptoms include severe headaches, blurred vision, chills, nausea, and body pains. As the disease progresses, individuals can experience acute shock, acute kidney failure, and vascular leakage.
  • Rat-Bite Fever
    As the name suggests, a rodent bite causes rat-bite fever. However, consuming contaminated food and drinks can also transmit this disease. Regardless, the symptoms include vomiting, muscle pain, rash, joint pain, headache, and fever.

While rat diseases are not common in Singapore, the chances may increase as the rat population continues to grow. As such, hire a rat and mice control for your home should you find signs of early infestation.


Compared to rats, cockroaches are not the source of human diseases. There’s little evidence that links cockroaches to certain disease outbreaks. But, they can trigger allergies and asthmas, as well as carry disease-causing viruses.

Research shows that cockroaches carry viruses like Entamoeba histolytica, poliomyelitis, and Salmonella typhimurium virus.

  • Entamoeba histolytica is a parasite that causes amebiasis, that’s common in tropical areas. The symptoms are stomach pain, cramping, and loose faeces. In severe cases, this parasite can invade your liver and form abscesses.
  • Poliomyelitis, also known as polio, is a life-threatening virus that can infect your spinal cord, thereby impacting causing paralysis. Poliomyelitis spreads through contact with infected animal droppings, poor handwashing, and consumption of contaminated products.
  • Salmonella typhimurium is often associated with animal and animal products. When you eat food contaminated with this virus, you can experience infections and typhoid-like fever.

To prevent getting infected, find cockroach pest control in Singapore when signs of infestation appear.


Similar to cockroaches, flies are carriers of multiple disease-causing microorganisms. While they don’t bite, they spread these diseases by contaminating food, water, and high-touch surfaces.

According to WHO, house flies can carry up to 65 different diseases, ranging from diarrheal diseases and typhoid fever to infections like conjunctivitis, cholera, and salmonellosis.

Once you touch contaminated items, diseases can spread more quickly and, therefore, infect more people. To avoid this from happening, the World Health Organisation recommends performing control methods that make use of traps, fly swats, electrocuting grids, and eco-friendly insecticides. In extreme cases, experts recommend engaging with drain flies control services.


Mosquitoes are spreaders of diseases like Zika, Malaria, Filariasis, and Japanese Encephalitis. But the most common disease caused by these pests is dengue.

In Singapore, 5,245 cases were reported in 2021. As of January 2022, 173 cases were reported, with 33 active cases. The primary vector known as the Aedes aegypti mosquito is growing in population, increasing by 17% as of December 2021. If this trajectory continues, Singapore may experience a surge in dengue cases in the following months. Therefore, the National Environment Agency urges Singaporeans to take precautionary measures.

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Protect Your Home and Health with Pest Control Singapore

Although little in size, these pests pose a massive threat to your health. As such, when you notice early signs of infestations, be sure to immediately contact a pest control company in Singapore to eliminate the problem before the situation worsens.

Avalon Services is a pest control company in Singapore that offers comprehensive services to protect your home from infestations.

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