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When To Consider Professional Pest Control Service

Many homeowners try to manage pest problems with self-help measures to save costs. But instead of eliminating the pests, the situation worsens, and the expenses multiply.

Common Pests in Singapore

Singapore has a hot and humid climate, and insects thrive in it. Though insects are essential to the balance of the ecosystem, they become pests that need to be controlled or exterminated. Here are the most common pests in Singapore and the problems they cause.

  1. Termites devour wood and can damage your floors, wooden furniture, walls, and ceilings. They crawl through tubes and can cost a fortune due to structural damage caused.
  2. Mosquitoes are notorious for carrying and spreading deadly diseases, such as malaria, dengue, yellow fever, and the Chikungunya virus.
  3. Ants also contribute to structural damage (carpenter ants) and can cause food contamination.
  4. Bed bugs do not carry diseases, but their bites can cause allergic reactions. They are easily transmitted through old furniture, mattresses, and bed sheets.
  5. Rodents cause damage to furniture, contaminate food, and spread diseases like leptospirosis and hantavirus.
  6. Cockroaches are attracted to a dirty environment, causing food contamination and allergic reactions.

DIY Pest Control

If the pest infestation is not yet severe, you may opt to go DIY. However, the extent of the infestation remains unknown unless there is a proper inspection done This is not something that can be easily done without professional help. With these self-help measures, you may see short-lived results. After a couple of days, pests may reappear.
The limitations of DIY pest control make it a less viable method of eliminating pests. DIY pest control…

  • does not target the source
  • makes them more resistant to chemical
  • is a short-term solution
  • can contaminate water, plants, and the air when misapplied
  • can be costly when it does not work

When To Call For Professional Pest Control

Upon locating the source of the infestation, pest control services can help to address and eliminate the problem. There are numerous signs that require you to call for professional help. They include:

  • Presence of live pests – If you see live pests like ants and termites, there is a big chance that their colony is nearby.
  • Trail of shed body parts and nests – Pests are good at hiding but cannot cover their trail. They leave nests, grease marks, wings, and scratches.
  • Evident pest damages – Pest-inflicted damages may include chewed-on wires, scratches on walls, gnaw marks on furniture, plant damages, and hollowed-out wood.
  • Strange odours – Each pest gives off distinct odours.
    • Cockroaches – oily odour
    • Rats – ammonia-like smell
    • Mice – musty, urine smell
    • Bed bugs – sweet, musty odour
  • Scratching sounds – Since rodents are mostly nocturnal, they can get noisy at night. You would hear scratching and clawing sounds within the walls or above the ceiling.
    Other reasons to engage pest control services include pests triggering allergies, the sensitivity of children and pets, and the recurrence of infestation. If not addressed, they can cause further damage to the whole infrastructure and pose health risks.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Professional Pest Control

The very first thing you would ask about pest control service is costs. Price varies due to numerous factors.

  • Pest Type – Extermination of termites and rodents would cost relatively higher than common household pests, such as ants and cockroaches. They would require the use of more advanced equipment.
  • The severity of Infestation – When an infestation is severe, it may require integrated pest management. These procedures are a combination of pest control and prevention methods. Hence, it would be more costly than treating a less severe infestation.
  • Frequency of treatment – This factor depends on the type and severity of the infestation. Frequency ranges between one-time, bimonthly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. Every pest control service is designed differently, based on professional on-site surveys and assessments.
  • Property Type – The type of property is another pricing factor. The larger the space, the pricier. It would take more time to inspect, and the infestation could have spread around the property already.
  • Nature of Service – Pricing would also depend on whether the area of infestation is HDB, Condo or Landed property. Landed homes would need flexible treatments, making them more expensive.

Saving on Pest Control

Engaging pest control professionals is a favourable investment. And while you are saving for it, you can try these tips on preventing the occurrence of infestation.
Among other pests, ants and cockroaches are attracted to spills, food crumbs, and open food. Store your food properly in airtight containers or in the fridge. If there are spills and crumbs, clean them immediately. You may also want to declutter piles of unwanted clothes and extra newspaper because they can be a nesting space for pests.
Keep the lids of the trash bins closed after properly taking out the trash. Leaks from liquid sources, plumbing, pipes, and appliances attract pests. So make sure to repair them to reduce potential pest infestation.
You must also inspect your space and look for cracks and holes. They may serve as routes for pests to deal more structural damage. Seal the possible entry points using caulk or silicone. Ensure that any plant in your garden does not make contact with the exterior of your home.


Self-help measures can be viable in pest control if an infestation is deemed at its early stage. But your home needs long-term pest protection that involves total eradication of pests and prevention of potential recurrence. Call our pest control specialists at Avalon Services today for no-obligation discussions!

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