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28 Mar: Improving and Standardizing the Outdated Ways of Office Cleaning

With almost two decades of experience in the professional cleaning industry, Avalon Services – a proud member of the Avon Group of Companies – provides specialized office cleaning solutions to residential, industrial and commercial clients throughout Singapore. Regarded as Singapore’s premiere cleaning company, it employs meticulous cleaning techniques as well as revolutionary cleaning systems not only to guarantee client satisfaction but also to surpass industry expectations. Whether generalized or specialized cleaning projects such as office cleaning and marble floor maintenance…


17 Mar: Green Office Cleaning: Understanding Its Importance and Benefits

Introduction Cleanliness in the workplace is a direct reflection of the corporate brand and culture of an organization. Office cleaning through the use of sustainable approaches and practices delivers tangible long-term benefits by transforming offices into more environmental and more livable workspaces that protect the health of employees. Green office cleaning not only helps in casting a good light on an organization through the eyes of staff, clients, and stakeholders alike; it also results in less consumption of raw materials…


15 Feb: 5 Elements of an Effective Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance Program

Introduction In any office, work area, or commercial building, it is the carpet that takes most of the wear and tear, deterioration, and abuse. It serves as the protective barrier over the flooring material underneath it – having to bear and endure high traffic day after day, unrelentingly, by countless footwear and furniture imaginable. For property owners, managers, and supervisors, keeping carpets not only looking clean and spotless but also well-maintained to last its lifetime is an uphill struggle if…


16 Jan: The Benefits of Hiring the Services of Marble Floor Polishing Specialists

Why Marble Flooring is in Demand Marble is a popular stone tile used as flooring material. It is also commonly seen in bathrooms, counter tops and in walls. Marble has a unique shiny surface, along with shade variations and whirl patterns. It has an all-natural appearance that is elegant and luxurious-looking. Why Hire Marble Floor Polishing Specialists The rare beauty of marble stone demands thorough cleaning at all times. Marble floors must be maintained regularly in order to keep them…


13 Jan: The Health Risks Associated with Poor Carpet Cleaning and Maintenance

Improper carpet cleaning can pose serious health risks. It may look harmless at first, but a filthy, poorly maintained carpet can be a breeding ground for debris, dirt and pests. Carpets which are not properly cleaned can be the hideaway of dead skin cells, dust mites, insect feces and dust mites and harbors disease-causing microbes and bacteria. Below are some possible health issues that may arise from leaving carpets dirty and poorly maintained: Skin Diseases Athlete’s foot, a contagious fungal…