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09 Jan: Office Cleaning Checklists

With impending due dates to consider, escalating sales and a quick succession of meetings, cleaning the office is probably the last thing on your mind. If you have allowed the clutter get out of hand, it will be difficult to know where to start. If you want to maintain cleanliness and order in your office, then these tips on creating the office cleaning checklists will be of great help. Follow these checklists closely and you’ll see the difference it will…


30 Dec: Polishing Marble Floors: A Step – By – Step Guide

Beauty and utility, two characteristics that has made marble a treasure for centuries. The bright, glistening finish of a newly installed marble reflects the light, making the room look elegant. Although durable, it is very porous and stains easily; regular care is necessary. Polishing marble can be done easily with supplies readily available at home. Marble Floor Polishing By Hand Conventional cleaners are usually too abrasive for delicate marble and should be typically avoided. The methods of polishing marble floors…


13 Dec: 5 DIY Carpet Cleaning Ideas That Absolutely Work!

Do you want to spruce up your living room? Throw a roll of carpet on the floor et voila! There’s nothing like a beautiful roll of carpet to put an exclamation point on the over-all look and feel of any interior. Carpets are best for any interior space. Aside from the living room, carpets can also be the center of attention in your bedroom, office, study, library, children’s room and entertainment room. Enough about carpets – we know these can…


23 Nov: Cleaning And Maintenance Of Office Spaces

Maintaining cleanliness in all corners of a commercial building is important and it can be made possible through the acquisition of services which are now readily served by many cleaning companies in Singapore. Keeping an office in good shape promotes several benefits both for the company and the employees; hence, it is important to keep an open mind regarding the facts that follow.


22 Nov: What Makes An Office Carpet Cleaning Singapore Company Professional?

A sense of professionalism is crucial in the success of any service-oriented business, including office carpet cleaning Singapore companies. Clients have high expectations from their chosen cleaning companies, and they can be met with satisfaction only through quality cleaning services, prompt customer service and ethical business practices.