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05 Jun: If You Think Your Carpet Is Clean, Think Again!

A good carpet can make any office look more pulled together. It also protects the floor from scratches due to furniture movement and heavy foot traffic. However, carpets can be extremely filthy. Regardless of how luxurious your carpet looks and feels, it will eventually turn into a crusty mess if it’s not properly cleaned. Invest in carpet cleaning services to ensure that your office looks presentable at all times. Why Most Carpets Are Gross Soil from shoes, dust mites, feces,…


30 May: 5 Office Cleaning Etiquette You Should Know

Most Singapore companies have policies developed only for their employees. But how do companies manage personnel are not considered as in-house employees? For example, service providers like cleaning staff are required to come in for some office cleaning. Many companies have written and unwritten protocols for office personnel. Having worked with nearly a hundred of companies across Singapore and delivers high-quality cleaning services for offices; Avalon Services advocates that the same should be extended to service providers to ensure a…


24 May: Four Important Questions To Ask Before Buying Carpets

As a consumer, what you choose to buy may have more impacts for you and for your home than you think. For example, choosing to install carpet on the flooring of one’s home needs careful consideration of several factors, including where to buy the carpet from, whether to do a self-cleaning of the carpet or choose to have it cleaned and maintained professionally, how long before cleaning it, and how long before replacing it. Decisions surrounding these questions will have…


26 Apr: Marble Floor Polishing: A Three Stage Cleaning and Maintenance Program

Very few stones have as many uses as marble. Whether for architecture, sculpture, and construction projects, marble has found its way to be among the top choice. Throughout the ages, master craftsmen have been using marble to adorn palace floors, ceilings, and walls – a resounding proof of wealth, opulence, and power. Today, marble tile is making its way more and more into everyday homes and even office spaces – all over the world. The Origins of Marble Marble is…


25 Apr: The Rise or Ruin of Your Marble Floor

Polished Marble is both a classy act and classic beauty. For centuries, the magnificent Calacatta and Carrara marble with their classic veining in gray and white have been a staple and a showstopper for private residence and public settings. And as 21st century modernism influences both home and office interior designs, even natural marble has found its place in it – fast becoming a favorite among homeowners, designers, and contractors. But marble is such a complicated and intriguing paradox –…