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21 Aug: 3 DIY Marble Floor Polishing That Will Kill Your Marble’s Shine

Many people may think that marble floor polishing is easy to do because the marble’s naturally smooth and shiny surface makes cleaning it effortless. Not many people know, however, that applying DIY marble floor polishing materials on a marble stone could irreversibly diminish its luster and natural patterns. Natural cleaning materials which are usually used in cleaning floors and other surfaces or in removing stains on carpets may not be safe when applied on marble surfaces. What are examples of…


15 Aug: Top Carpet Cleaning Tricks To Bust Nasty Carpet Odor

Carpet cleaning not only helps clean unsightly dirt and spot on carpets, it also helps keep nasty odor away. But first, what causes foul odor in carpets? The reason for a carpet having a foul odor could be as simple as the material that spilled on or soiled the carpet not being cleaned promptly. Or, it could also be due to more serious chemical reactions between the floor surface and the carpet. Chemical reactions between a concrete floor, in particular,…


13 Jul: 8 Common Office Cleaning Mistakes – And How to Avoid Them

Office cleaning should be done the right way to help boost employees’ productivity. Here are 8 common office cleaning mistakes that should be avoided: Procrastinating. When you should you clean your office? Office cleaning should be done regularly, and diligently. Employees should make it a habit to clean as they go so litter does not pile up. Delaying things will only make cleaning harder. Leaving food scraps in office bins. This is a nasty habit that must be broken. Leaving food…


30 Jun: How To Do A Proper Carpet Shampoo The Way Expert Carpet Cleaning Services Do It

  Carpet shampooing is one of the more popular carpet cleaning services available from carpet cleaning companies. A carpet shampoo gives your carpet a deeper, more thorough clean than regular vacuuming. It loosens deep soil and dirt and washes these off, leaving your carpet feeling, smelling and looking fresh and clean. How is proper carpet shampooing done? 3 steps to a proper carpet shampoo How do professional carpet cleaning services companies do carpet shampoo? There are basically three steps: Step…


23 Jun: 4 Signs Homemade Carpet Cleaning Isn’t Working

Many people rely on homemade carpet cleaning tricks to remove common stains off the surface of their carpets. Homemade carpet cleaning refers to the use of materials or ingredients commonly found in one’s own kitchen which can be used for cleaning carpets as well as other upholstery and home furniture. Some of the more popular homemade carpet cleaning tricks include the use of vinegar, ammonia, baking soda, salt, milk, ice cubes, and even shaving cream. These are normally applied on…