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20 Nov: 5 Red Flags to Avoid When Choosing a Cleaning Company

When you don’t have in-house manpower to clean and de-clutter your office, a cleaning company can be very helpful. But commercial cleaning services in Singapore are not all the same. How do you know which cleaning companies to avoid? Here are five red flags: Confusing or unclear pricing – Does the cleaning company charge a flat rate or by the hour?This should be clear from the beginning. Reputable companies will give you a clear quotation for each service you inquire…


16 Oct: Health And Safety Standards You Should Expect From A Professional Office Cleaner

The quality of office cleaning you should expect to receive from a professional office cleaner in Singapore can first be reflected in the way the office cleaning company values the health and safety standard of its own staff. Some of the health and safety standards you must observe are: Are the cleaning staffs in excellent health? A professional office cleaner agency in Singapore should uphold their staff’s health and well-being at all times. Because the office cleaner works with his…


10 Oct: Why Investing In Green Carpet Cleaning Services Is Good For Your Budget And Good For The Planet

There have been some concerns raised over strong chemicals used in carpet cleaning and how this affects indoor air quality and poses risks to the health of people and pets in the home or the office. The good news is, there are carpet cleaning services companies that use safer detergents that not only clean carpets effectively, they also pose no harm to people, pets, and the environment. What are benefits of green carpet cleaning? Consider the following: Less air pollution….


25 Sep: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Floor Polishing

Marble floor polishing is the process of cleaning, smoothening, and polishing a marble floor to remove dirt, scratches and to preserve its natural shine and lustre. Here are ten frequently asked questions about marble floor polishing. How do marble cleaning companies choose a cleaning product in the market that is suitable for marble floor? A marble floor polishing specialist is often asked the question on whether it uses eco-friendly cleaning products. A range of cleaning products is available from supermarkets…


14 Sep: 5 Benefits of Engaging A Professional Commercial Cleaning Services Company

Why is there an emphasis on cleanliness in offices? It is a well-established fact that a clean workplace increases employees’ productivity. A clean office space also reflects positively on the company’s brand. Not only is a clean and orderly workplace beautiful, it also shows that the company values the welfare of their employees by making their lives better while at work. Benefits Of Engaging A Commercial Cleaning Services Company While keeping office workspaces clean is a shared responsibility between the company…