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14 Jan: DIY Carpet Cleaning: Why Doing It Yourself Won’t Do You Any Good

Carpets have become an integral component of Singapore’s interior design. In fact, majority of Singaporeans, more than 80% of the population , have chosen to install carpet flooring in their own homes. As a decorative piece, a carpet can easily transform any space into a cosy and luxurious living space. Placement of a beautiful carpet enhances the aesthetics of home spaces and accentuates the visual harmony with the overall interiors. Unlike wooden floors, carpeted flooring hides dust and absorbs sound,…


11 Jan: Best Cleaning Tips to Help you Maintain a Healthier Work Environment

Based on the Employment Act, employees in Singapore are expected to work for not more than eight hours on a daily basis. Shift workers, on the other hand, render a maximum of 12 hours of work per day. Some would even render 72 hours of overtime monthly. This means that to a regular employee, office stay averages approximately 44 hours for a single work week. Traditional workspaces are toxic and stressful and often take a toll on employee health. In…


15 Dec: Innovative Cleaning Trends that Shape the Future of Singapore’s Cleaning Industry

Singapore’s cleaning industry continues to evolve through the years. As of March 2017, its diverse population consists of 1,200 cleaning companies, with a labor force of about 58,000 cleaners. The government’s regulatory measures have been crucial to sustaining and shaping the cleaning industry. As part of the government’s commitment to raise service standards in cleaning, it implemented licensing requirements over the years. In 2010, the voluntary accreditation scheme (VAS) was introduced, followed by the enhanced clean mark accreditation scheme (EAS)…


14 Dec: 3 Holiday Office Cleaning Tips For A Fresh Start Before The New Year

December is one of the busiest times of the year. With companies finishing last-minute work before the break, cleaning the office often becomes the last thing in people’s minds. Here are some tips to get the office clean before the New Year begins. Get Help From A Professional Cleaning Company. Cleaning the office during the year-end busy period is not a job for just one person. You will need a team of professional cleaners to give your office a thorough…


27 Nov: Is Your Kitchen Clean Enough To Pass Food Hygiene Standards?

Regular cleaning your restaurant kitchen can remove the usual dirt and grime. But for deep-seated stains and muck, restaurants can benefit from professional cleaning services. Why Should You Deep Clean Your Commercial Kitchen? As the kitchen is the heart of every restaurant, it’s essential to keep this place clean and organized. Tidying up the kitchen on a daily basis can only do so much. Dirt accumulates on nooks and crannies—areas that are often overlooked in the daily cleaning. Though usually…