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19 Oct: Carpet Cleaning Tips and Facts from the Pros

Keeping the clothes we wear spotless and smelling fresh requires regular washing – and the same principle applies to our carpets! Periodic carpet cleaning and maintenance is a must not only to remove accumulated soil, dirt, and grit but also to prevent spread of harmful bacteria, maintain its luxurious texture, and prolong its fabric life. There’s simply no way to avoid carpet cleaning – routine dust, dirt, and moisture tracked in on a daily basis can quickly make them look…


24 Sep: 5 Simple Tips to Maintain The Carpet

Maintaining the carpet is one of the most inconvenient and least beloved chores at home. Prevent build-up of dirt, odour, and germs on your carpet and prolong its life by following these top five simple tips. 1. Make Sure Your Vacuum Cleaner Has a Certified HEPA Filtration Device. Vacuum regularly – at least once a week – to reduce soil build-up and maintain the quality of the carpet, especially if it’s a high-traffic area. But vacuuming away on a regular basis…


13 Sep: How to Find the Right Office Cleaner that Meets Your Cleaning Needs

Singapore is renowned as the cleanest country in South East Asia.Residents have been conscientious about cleanliness since the Keep Singapore Clean campaign started many years ago. As a country known for its strict regulations when it comes to sanitation, companies based in Singapore are also expected to maintain cleanliness and proper hygiene around their office vicinity. Everyone in the office can contribute to maintaining the cleanliness by keeping the clutter on their desks, but when everyone’s busy with work and…


24 Aug: How to Declutter Your Work Space – The Smart Way

Muster up the courage to control work space clutter and soon you’ll be on your way to increased productivity and career success. But when you start wondering how you ended up having a mountain of loose documents sitting on top of your keyboard or why you can longer find those documents you urgently need, then you’ve reached past your clutter tipping point. When schedules are tight and deadlines are looming, maintaining an orderly and tidy cubicle is just about any…


20 Jun: Hire Professional Office Cleaners in Singapore

Office Cleaning is a Necessity. Office cleaning has become one of the most demanded industries in Singapore. The high demand for office cleaning services may be attributed to different factors. Office cleaning has turned into a necessity, especially now that company branding is associated with plush interior design, daily upkeep and cleanliness. Most business owners also recognise the need to hire office cleaners to maintain clean office premises and impress clientele. In addition, office cleaning is viewed as a way…