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The Spring Cleaning Checklist for your Home

For the predominantly Chinese-populated communities in Singapore, Chinese New Year can undoubtedly be the largest and most significant event being celebrated to welcome the start of a new traditional Chinese calendar year.

This spring cleaning checklist will help you appease the Kitchen God – and get your home ready to usher in the new lunar calendar ahead.

How to Tackle your Spring Cleaning Checklist Effectively

Spring Cleaning

Getting your home in a fresh and festive mood in celebration of the Chinese New Year is one of the best ways to prove your etiquette and graciousness as a host. But tackling every nook and cranny – until they reach a spotless condition – can be an overwhelming process.

An effective spring cleaning checklist for your home in preparation for the lunar festival is one that must be realistically done without leaving anything out – but also without going overboard.

There are three basic steps that can help you achieve this goal:

  1. Take notes
    Do a quick walk through in all rooms around the house and take notes on what needs to be accomplished.This will not only avoid waste of time and energy but will also get the job done more quickly and more efficiently.An organised list is also useful in delegating various chores to willing family members.Finally, it will help you spread out the cleaning process for a certain period of time – so you won’t miss out on any task and ensure that they are done accordingly as planned.
  2. De-clutter
    This works in two ways: removing all non-essentials from your space and putting everything back in its correct place.A major house cleaning project would be less daunting if each room isn’t filled to the brim with no-longer-needed items and donation-worthy supplies.This will also keep you focused on areas that need cleaning the most and not get distracted by the disorganised mess.
  3. Tackle one by one
    It is important to map out a plan of attack, so to speak, when it comes to spring home cleaning.This is done by taking one room at a time – not by randomly moving from area to area without rhyme or reason – to make the task more manageable and to ensure that you can finish everything up just the way it has to be done.

Tackling the Entry Points

The entry points of your home must be clear, inviting, and easy to navigate. The tasks to prioritise are as follows:

  1. Clear away any clutter and organise essential items on your porch, foyer, front door, and/or landing areas.
  2. Wipe down and properly disinfect all doorknobs and light fixtures including the door and windows.
  3. Sweep or vacuum all remaining dirt specks or debris, and mop as needed.

Sprucing Up the Living Room

clean living roomGet rid of ‘bad fortune’ in your living room by incorporating an atmosphere of rejoicing and tidiness in it.

  1. Take off wall accessories and set aside floor furniture so you can properly wipe down or vacuum off accordingly.
  2. Decide whether to donate, trash, or store elsewhere all “off-season” items.
  3. Use a dryer sheet on all surfaces to prevent dust cling and accumulation.
  4. Straighten and fluff sofa pillows and cushions.
  5. Add touches of crimson here and there to adorn the space with the colour of the season.

Cleaning the Bedrooms

Your bedroom (as well as the guest rooms) should be a sanctuary where one can retreat to get some quick shut-eye or deep slumber after watching all the colourful processions, visiting seasonal markets, and munching on symbolic Chinese New Year desserts.

  1. Dust or vacuum all floor, wall, and ceiling surfaces to eliminate dust and cobwebs.
  2. Use a microfiber cloth for wood surfaces, furniture, and decorative accessories for a streak-free, sparkling finish.
  3. Put on fresh clean linens and sheets.

organize bedroom

Tackling the Mattress

These basic mattress cleaning steps must be done on a regular basis throughout the year – and not just when you’re expecting guests for the Chinese New Year festivities.

However, if you want to keep your mattress free from stains, odours, and dust mites that can affect the quality of your sleep (and your guests as well), follow these tips:

  1. Vacuum and deodorise your mattress.
  2. Air your mattress or sun dry if possible.
  3. Wash the mattress cover or use a mattress protector.

Cleaning the Bathrooms

It’s easy to hide some rooms from your lunar festival guests – but this cannot be said for the bathrooms. Your bathroom doesn’t have to be picture perfect but it has to be clean and hygienic enough for anyone to use.

schrubing toilet

  1. Scrub out the sinks and counters, shower and tub, as well as toilet, walls, and floors. Work your way from top to bottom, side to side.
  2. Restock toilet papers, hand towels, and other bathroom essentials.

Cleaning the Kitchen

The focus of frenzied, spirited activities during Chinese New Year is, undoubtedly, the kitchen. Get the heart and hearth of your home all set up for lunar festival entertaining through these cleaning steps:

  1. Remove counter clutter first.
  2. Give all appliances – especially the refrigerator – a deep clean.
  3. Take advantage of the dishwasher for all your cooking utensils, equipment, and flatware. Everything else must be washed and dried by hands thoroughly.
  4. Restock your pantry.
  5. Organise your prep and cooking area.

cleaning kitchen floor

Focusing on the Floors

Not all floors are created equal so here’s how to make each floor type sparkle for the Chinese New Year celebration:

  1. For surface-sealed and untreated hardwood floors, sweep or vacuum in the direction of the wood’s grain.
  2. For vinyl and linoleum floors, you can use water and soap to mop it clean.
  3. Marble flooring can be cleaned with clean, damp mop or soft, dry cloth – never strong detergents or abrasive cleaners.
  4. Carpets must be vacuumed thoroughly using slow, repetitive motions.
  5. If you’re unsure of your floor type or in need of a deep clean, contact professional floor cleaners.

Turning the Attention on Upholstery

During the long Chinese holiday season, it’s the upholstered furniture that takes most of the brunt. Clean like a pro and it will not go unnoticed.

  1. Make your upholstered furniture more stain-resistant by treating it with a fabric protector spray.
  2. Vacuum it using a soft brush attachment.
  3. In case of spills, don’t rub – wipe up and blot with a clean cloth.

A Fresh and Festive Home for the Chinese New Year

By following a detailed spring cleaning checklist, you’re bound to have a clean, clutter-free, and calm home ready to greet family and friends with a heart-warming cheer.

But if you feel that marking off all the house chores from a long list is something that is beyond your capacity, let Avalon Services provide professional cleaning services.

Let our IICRC-certified cleaning specialists utilise advanced technology and customised strategies to deliver a perfectly fresh and festive home that is guest-approved all throughout the celebratory season.