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Promote Health and Safety

21 Feb: 6 Office Best Practises to Promote Health and Safety in 2022

Although vaccination rates are up and COVID cases are down, it’s still important to prioritise health and safety. Especially since more and more employees are returning to their regular office setting, business owners need to pay close attention to mandatory safety management requirements and implement best practices to promote a safer, better, and more productive work environment in 2022. That said, below are some of the best practices that business owners need to enforce this year. Follow the Safety Management…


11 Feb: 4 Household Pests in Singapore and the Diseases They Spread

Pest infestation is one of the most critical variables you need to account for when prioritising your household’s health and safety. While some household pests like ants and termites do not spread diseases, others like cockroaches, flies, and rodents do. So, to protect your health from these pests, it’s essential to familiarise yourself with the dangers they pose. Below is a list of common pests you may encounter at home and the diseases they can spread. Rodents Rodents have been…

Rat Infestation Control

13 Jan: Rat Infestation During COVID-19: Consequences and Possible Control Options

Rat infestation in Singapore has grown ever since the dawn of the COVID-19 pandemic. When businesses temporarily shut down, rodents became more aggressive and intentional. Rats and mice used uninhabited buildings as their habitat, a place to find shelter and breed while they forage for nearby food sources. With this, it’s evident that rodents took full advantage of the situation while human activity was reduced to a minimum. Consequences Of Rat Infestation During COVID-19 Because of this, their actions can…

Ants Control Company

14 Dec: 5 Effective Methods to Keep Ants Away from Your Home

Ants are one of the most common pests you can find at home. Because of their size, they can practically enter your property through the smallest cracks and holes. Although they’re harmless, they can still cause havoc to your way of life. Hence, ant infestation should be avoided at all costs. Typically, an ant infestation can be caused by several reasons, including the following: Nearby Food Source – Much like other pests, ants are attracted to the basic necessities of…


13 Dec: Tools and Techniques Used by an Industrial Carpet Cleaner in Singapore

Industrial carpet cleaners play a major role in keeping commercial spaces clean. Especially for factories and other industrial facilities, floor carpets should always be well-maintained to ensure the safety of the employees and extend the lifespan of the equipment. Because of its large scale, industrial carpet cleaning cannot be done on your own., Instead, you need to hire a professional carpet cleaning company with the right equipment and trained manpower to do the job for you. With their innovative cleaning…