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11 Jul: 8 Misconceptions About Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

A clean and healthy carpet doesn’t always have to be expensive and impractical to maintain. Be aware of these top 8 carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can hire the right company for your carpet cleaning. Misconception #1: Low-priced carpet cleaning service is a great value for your money. It is undeniable that all consumers, to some degree, cannot resist considering any product or service with a low price tag or is available at any per cent markdown value. This is…


28 Jun: 7 Downsides of Deciding to DIY Your Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to office carpet cleaning, going the DIY route can do more harm than good. Whether you’re entertaining potential clients or preparing for a presentation with future investors, good first impressions in your business matter. Making sure your office space is in its tiptop condition starts with the condition of your carpet flooring. So even if you feel like you never notice any speck of dirt in your tidy carpet flooring – or even when you think that…


25 Jun: Understanding the Material for Office Carpet

When it comes to commercial carpet type that can be applicable for your workplace environment, the carpet’s aesthetic appeal and the overall ambience it lends to the space is as essential as its functionality and fabric resiliency. The right carpet material should blend seamlessly with the distinct décor and style of the office to promote the perfect balance of professionalism, sophistication, and comfort. Types of Material Commonly Used for Office Carpet Whether you already have an existing carpet beautifully laid…


30 May: The Varying Effectiveness of Different Carpet Cleaning Methods

The carpet’s fibre quality and durability are largely dependent on the manner and frequency of cleaning and maintenance it receives. In some cases, correct carpet cleaning methods as well as regular carpet maintenance is necessary to preserve its warranty. Routine vacuuming and proper spot treatment are your first line of defence in ensuring that the carpet will stay clean and fresh. But even the most fastidious cleaner need professional help to keep the carpet in its tiptop condition for many…


23 Apr: Natural Cleaning Solutions for the Most Notorious Carpet Stains

Carpeting is a highly favored interior design element in Singapore homes. This comes as no surprise, since carpeted flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also exudes warm, soft feel when walked on. Carpeting is also safer as it offers a comfortable playing spot for children and lowers the risk of them having injury during an unexpected fall. Notwithstanding its overall comfort and warmth, carpeting’s biggest disadvantage is its need for strict care and maintenance. Without regular…