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03 Jun: The Ultimate Post-Renovation Cleaning Checklist in 2023

Congratulations, your renovation project is finally complete! However, before you can enjoy your new space, there’s one crucial task that cannot be overlooked: post-renovation cleaning. It may not be the most exciting part of the process, but it is an essential step in ensuring that your space is safe, healthy, and ready for use. The amount of dust, debris, and construction materials left behind can be overwhelming, regardless of the scope of the renovation. But worry not! In this article,…


18 Nov: Cleaning and Maintenance of Indoor/Outdoor Carpets

Carpets offer various benefits you simply cannot achieve with other flooring options. They not only add beauty and style to the space but also provide protection, warmth, comfort, and improved air quality. It is important to keep them clean since they take high foot traffic and unintentional spills. They wear out if dust, grime, and stains are left on the carpet fibres. Do not wait until they get severely damaged and stained before you decide to clean them. Do regular…