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16 Nov: Facts About Marble Flooring and Maintenance

Marble is a popular flooring material. This material has a unique polished surface with multiple shade variations and whirl patterns most commonly seen in bathrooms, countertops, and walls. Often, marble gives off an aura of elegance and luxury to elevate any space with sophistication. Reasons Why Marble is Still One of The Most Popular Flooring Option Although there are several types of flooring to choose from–such as wood, carpet and tile–marble remains one of the most popular flooring options for…


18 Jun: Marble Polishing Services: Giving Your Marble Floors A Makeover

Marble is harvested deep from the depths of the earth and are quite rare. It is a very special element to incorporate into your home interior design, and provides an opulent flooring material for any part of your home. Whether the room is small or spacious enough, marble can transform the room into an elegant and regal space for anyone. Although very resilient, marble floors may chip or weaken too over time. After all, nothing lasts forever. Some varieties of…