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5 Office Cleaning Etiquette You Should Know

Office Cleaning Etiquette

Most Singapore companies have policies developed only for their employees. But how do companies manage personnel are not considered as in-house employees? For example, service providers like cleaning staff are required to come in for some office cleaning.

Many companies have written and unwritten protocols for office personnel. Having worked with nearly a hundred of companies across Singapore and delivers high-quality cleaning services for offices; Avalon Services advocates that the same should be extended to service providers to ensure a smooth working relationship.

Why Etiquette Is Important

Service providers perform a variety of tasks that companies often outsource. Although they rarely come into the office, it’s important to establish protocols that will help clarify what is expected of them.

The lack of clear agreement between company and a cleaning company in Singapore can sometimes result to misunderstanding and conflict. To avoid this, companies should follow some protocols as to how management and office staff should interact with the people who offer office cleaning services.

5 Rules Of Etiquette To Observe When Hiring A Company For Office Cleaning


  • Communicate What Needs To Be Done.

An open communication reduces friction between the company and the cleaning staff. As the client, you are expected to lay down all the tasks that the provider needs to accomplish. Should they focus only in high traffic areas like the pantry, or do they also need to clean seldom-used places like the boardroom? Although most of the cleaning tasks are pretty much standard, it’s important that you let your hired cleaning staff know which areas need to be prioritized. Have an office cleaning services checklist ready so the cleaning company will know exactly what they need to accomplish.

  • Set An Agreed Time For Cleaning.

Office cleaning staff can work during office hours, but you need to have a clear schedule so as not to interrupt your own employees. Some tasks, like cleaning windows and mopping floors, do not create so much noise and can be done anytime. However, other tasks like vacuuming carpets may be done toward the end of the work day when employees are wrapping up work. Fumigation, on the other hand, should be reserved for weekends and other non-working days.

  • Observe Safety For All.

Cleaning can be a messy job. This often means slippery floors and staircases and plenty of cleaning products strewn around the office. For everyone’s safety, request your office cleaner to put up warning signs that will alert employees of the possible dangers ahead. When it comes to cleaning products, you may request for non-chemical, odorless ones. Some of your employees may be allergic to the chemicals used in commercial cleaning products, therefore you might want to opt for green office cleaning methods instead.

  • Let The Cleaning Staff Do Their Work And Vice Versa.

Building rapport with your cleaning staff can make them feel welcome. However, too much familiarity between your own personnel and the service provider may create undue conflict in the workplace. Let the cleaning staff do their work peacefully. This means keeping chatting to a minimum, unless absolutely necessary. The same thing goes for your employees—the service provider needs to focus on their work too.

  • Show Gratitude To The Cleaning Staff.

Although service providers come to do the work they are expected to do, showing that you appreciate a job-well-done is always a good idea. A simple thank you would suffice. However, gratuity is also appreciated and would most likely get you a better service in the future. It is not required, though, and how much should you tip depends on the complexity of work done and your satisfaction level.

Having a set of protocols for your office cleaning service provider can make your working relationship much smoother.

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