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Understanding the Material for Office Carpet

When it comes to commercial carpet type that can be applicable for your workplace environment, the carpet’s aesthetic appeal and the overall ambience it lends to the space is as essential as its functionality and fabric resiliency.

The right carpet material should blend seamlessly with the distinct décor and style of the office to promote the perfect balance of professionalism, sophistication, and comfort.

Types of Material Commonly Used for Office Carpetoffice carpet singapore

Whether you already have an existing carpet beautifully laid out within your office space or you’re in the process of choosing the most suitable carpet material for your workplace environment, there is an imperative need to understand its nature not only to determine if it’s the right one for you but also for proper care and maintenance.

Below is a list of the different types of office carpet materials.

  1. Nylon

    Nylon is the first authentic synthetic fibre used as carpet material and has become the benchmark in carpeting industry due to its two standout characteristics: resiliency and versatility.

    Nylon carpet fibre is strong and durable, able to withstand the daily wear-and-tear of foot traffic and other abrasive elements. Its impressive texture retention allows it to ‘bounce back’ from compaction and maintain its original appearance even after a decade or so.

    Nylon is also the most popularly used carpet fibre by manufacturers, flexible enough to be turned into a variety of carpet styles – from generic and unbranded products and low-maintenance loops up to premium, fashion-forward patterns and soft, sumptuous plush.

    Nylon carpet also has strong resistance against moisture, stain, and mould growth, making it a top-notch choice for heavy traffic areas in commercial spaces.

    Steam cleaning or hot water extraction by professional carpet cleaning services is recommended at least once or twice a year, depending on the carpet colour and shade as well as the amount of foot traffic received and degree of soil build-up.

  2. Wool

    Wool is a premium natural fibre that continues to be a well sought-after carpet material for many workplaces, thanks to its superior characteristics.

    Wool carpet has a soft, luxurious body with hypoallergenic fibres that are naturally stain- and soil resistant. It has an excellent insulating property that helps keep your office space cool in summer and warm in winter.

    Wool carpet has high protein content, which lends it its natural flame retarding characteristic. In case of fire, wool would be slow to burn which limits the spread and impact of the flame.

    Wool carpet is also a great choice for commercial spaces that are very particular about improving air quality. During periods of high or low atmospheric humidity, the wool’s natural fibres absorb or release moisture which leads to a more stable relative humidity.

    The most important maintenance step for wool carpet is habitual and meticulous vacuuming at least once a week; heavy traffic areas must be vacuumed with increased regularity. It is also crucial for office cleaners to act quickly and wisely when it comes to removal of spots, spills, and stains.

    Even after proper maintenance of wool carpet, it is ideal to schedule dry foam carpet shampooing from a commercial office cleaning crew at least once or twice a year.

  3. Olefin

    Polypropylene is a highly colourfast and natural stain resistant synthetic fibre that is also commonly known for its generic name of Olefin in the carpet industry.

    Olefin fibre possesses a very wool-like fibre quality but not as expensive as wool which is why it is fast becoming a top carpet choice for commercial buildings.

    Olefin has a high water repelling characteristic: unfortunately, its oil absorbing property is quite high. Professional carpet cleaners use the dry foam carpet shampooing technique rather than hot water extraction when it comes to cleaning olefin carpet.

  4. Polyester

    Polyester fibre rose to prominence among carpet lovers and staunch environmentalists alike not only because of its impressive lustre appearance, high stain resistance, and low cost but also due to the fact that it is made from 100% recycled non-biodegradable materials.

    Synthetic polyester, in particular, has an exceptional resistance to fading and staining. Even so, it is lauded for its vibrant finish, evident by its wide-ranging textures and colours available in the market today.

    However, polyester fibres are very prone to crushing or compaction. Polyester carpet is suitable for office areas where there is minimal furniture and foot traffic to avoid dents, impressions, and noticeable patterns to develop.

    Commercial office cleaning companies recommend deep cleaning as well as professional spot removal services at least once or twice a year to help maintain the quality and integrity of the polyester carpet.

  5. Acrylic

    Acrylic is the generic term for the synthetic fibre acrylonitrile, a clear plastic. It was formed in the middle of the 20th century and became known as man-made ‘art wool’, being similar to wool in texture and appearance.

    Acrylic carpet gives the luxurious look of wool but is cheaper and easier to clean than wool. It also wicks moisture away quite well. Its unique but practical properties make it a good choice for low-traffic environments and seldom-used rooms in commercial buildings and professional offices alike.

    Steam cleaning or hot water extraction is the most preferred method by professional office cleaners for thoroughly cleaning acrylic carpet.

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning is a Must

Whatever carpet material you have for your office flooring, proper care plus routine maintenance goes a long way to extend the life of the carpet. It is also equally important to schedule professional carpet cleaning from a reputable company like Avalon Services.

With Avalon Services, you can be rest assured that your carpet will get the right type of cleaning method and treatment it needs as well as industry-standard sanitising system that your office environment deserves.

If you want customised carpet cleaning services that are thoroughly done, expertly executed, and worth the price, choose Avalon Services.