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The Importance of Pest Control Management in Times of COVID-19

Although 91% of residents are fully vaccinated—66% of which already received their boosters—Singapore’s daily COVID-19 cases reached an all-time high with more than 26,000 reported cases last February 22, 2022. According to experts, this is a result of the ongoing Omicron COVID-19 wave.

In the meantime, the government is taking the necessary actions to monitor the situation and encourage residents to observe precautionary measures.

On top of the usual routine cleaning and disinfection services, businesses and commercial spaces are urged to employ services from a reputable pest control company in Singapore to further protect their properties from contamination. In fact, pest management experts are officially recognised as key workers in protecting public health during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Why Pest Control Services Remain Essential During these Times

The industry remains relevant and essential as it provides the necessary services to maintain the safety and sanitation of businesses. Even though the COVID-19 virus remains the biggest threat to people’s health, pests are more than capable of transmitting other deadly diseases like Malaria, dengue, cholera, salmonellosis, and hantavirus, among others.

However, with pests being exposed to COVID-19, they can now be carriers of the virus too. Because of this, the threat that they pose is heightened to new degrees.

How Businesses are Affected by Pests

Rodents, cockroaches, flies, termites, and fleas are dangerous to human health and economic recovery. Businesses across all industries, including hospitals, manufacturing facilities, schools, hotels, restaurants, and offices, are susceptible to pest infestation, especially since most of them had to close down due to lockdown mandates.

These unoccupied and inactive buildings provide the ideal environments for pests to live, breed, and thrive. Now that businesses are opening up again, many business owners will have to face the damaging effects of pest infestation.

Among the different industries affected by pest infestation, the hospitality sector, such as hotels, restaurants and F&Bs, is most susceptible to this because they offer the greatest access to their necessities like food and shelter.

  • Rodents such as mice and rats could have contaminated the food available or gnawed through objects like building furniture and appliances. Likewise, they could have rummaged through the unemptied disposal bins and scattered trash everywhere.
  • Cockroaches could have polluted the drainage systems or laid eggs in the dark corners of commercial buildings, impacting the cleanliness and hygiene of the property.
  • Termites could have eaten their way through wooden structures like desks, tables, roofs, and walls. Moreover, they could have destroyed documents, packages, and the like as they searched for food sources.

Not only can they contaminate food and spread parasites and diseases, but they can leave behind significant structural damage. So, if they’re not eliminated immediately, businesses can suffer from substantial financial loss.

Integrated Pest Management How it Works in Pest Control

Integrated Pest Management

The Modern Solution

Avalon Services, the NEA-certified pest control company in Singapore, offers effective and environmentally-friendly solutions to help companies keep pests away. We provide high-quality solutions to ensure that pest-related issues are correctly addressed for every business.

Our team of industry experts are trained to inspect every premise and develop a pest management plan tailored to their needs. With the increased threat of COVID-19, our team follows strict safety measures when performing control treatments to ensure the safety of all parties involved. We also prioritise hygiene and disinfection services to prevent harmful bacteria from spreading.

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