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30 May: 5 Office Cleaning Etiquette You Should Know

Most Singapore companies have policies developed only for their employees. But how do companies manage personnel are not considered as in-house employees? For example, service providers like cleaning staff are required to come in for some office cleaning. Many companies have written and unwritten protocols for office personnel. Having worked with nearly a hundred of companies across Singapore and delivers high-quality cleaning services for offices; Avalon Services advocates that the same should be extended to service providers to ensure a…


12 Mar: The Benefits Of Contract Cleaning Services

Cleaning any space is very important no matter how big or small, how fancy or simple, or how busy or quiet it is. Currently, Singapore is already marked not only a destination for tourists but for businessmen as well. The influx of people in the country has already posed an increase in wear and tear of shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, and the like; and it is the responsibility of every company owner to keep their areas in good shape, the…


08 Mar: Advantages Of Professional Cleaning Services For Your Office

The office space leaves an impression to clients. A disorganized and dirty office can negatively impact how clients view the company, as well as affect the productivity of employees. What happens if a client walks to your office, hoping that you could provide services for his needs, but instead sees dirty chairs and muddy floors, or perhaps an overflowing trash bin? The last thing that you want is to see clients turn away and never come back. Commercial cleaning services…