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19 Mar: Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most homeowners opt for D.I.Y cleaning methods to save more dollars. If you’re a budget-conscious homeowner, you probably like doing the carpet cleaning yourself; in fact, you might just be the type who chooses to clean rugs and carpets with cheap foam shampoo or anti-bacterial powder. Why Go For Professional Carpet Cleaning  Are you the type who likes to deal with carpet stains? Are you the type who likes to scrub out those dark spots? If yes is your answer,…


22 Mar: Carpet Cleaners: Who Needs them

Not everyone has a carpet at home. But almost everywhere else, from airports to hotel lobbies to boutiques to offices, carpets are widely used often as a functional and ornamental piece which complements a space’s interior design. From the airplane you’re in to the hotel you’ll be staying at when you’re travelling, you will most probably stand on a carpet of every type and colour along with several thousand–or million–others before and after you.