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Office Cleaning Checklists

Office Cleaning in Singapore

With impending due dates to consider, escalating sales and a quick succession of meetings, cleaning the office is probably the last thing on your mind.

If you have allowed the clutter get out of hand, it will be difficult to know where to start. If you want to maintain cleanliness and order in your office, then these tips on creating the office cleaning checklists will be of great help. Follow these checklists closely and you’ll see the difference it will make.

Universal Checklist For All Office Cleaning

Every company should have a checklist of things that are necessary to have on hand when cleaning office space. Some cleaning kits and cleansers should always be easily available in the event of coffee spills or food dropping onto the floor.

 The following tips ensure that you always have the necessities to make office cleaning a breeze.

  • Keep a storeroom equipped with all necessary cleaning materials and equipments for the office.
  • Keep disinfectants and hand sanitation gel  handy – they’re always useful to wipe-up spills quickly
  • Use a specialized screen cleaning spray to avoid causing any damage to your monitor screen
  • Create a poster to remind employees to keep the office spic and span with everyday easy cleaning tips

Office Cleaning Routine Checklist

Get into the habit of following the office cleaning checklist. Having a regular schedule also helps to make the task easier so that things to do not pile up. Sometimes, waiting a day or two would make the cleaning task more difficult.

  1. Assign a day to clear out expired or spoilt items from the fridge. Once a week would be ideal
  2. Make sure the cups and utensils are cleaned after using
  3. Own a microwave? Make sure any mess is cleaned up promptly
  4. File unused documents weekly. This saves precious office space
  5. Wipe keyboards, mouse and monitors using a soft microfiber cloth – especially if you snack out at your seat.
  6. Clean your office phone regularly
  7. Wipe-out marks and smudges such as fingerprints from reflective surfaces such as brass, mirrors and glass windows
  8. Wipe the desk and seat to remove dust, crumbs and stains.
  9. Wipe the walls clean of marks
  10. Remove each item before cleaning rather than trying to clean around them.
  11. Remember to clean that sliver of dust and dirt behind your furniture
  12. Mop the floor. If the office space is carpeted, vacuum it daily. Carpet cleaning is easier when done daily.
  13. Wipe furnishings, consoles, ornaments, plants, screens and window frames.

Checklist For A Clutter Free Office

Maintaining a clutter free office can be a breeze, just keep in mind the following.

  • Make sure that reading materials for waiting clients to read such as books, publications and catalogues are neat and contemporary. Discard ripped or soiled reading resources.
  • Be organised – Utilize structural units like desk organizers, standing file holders, bookshelves, baskets, paper trays, and dividers to create a place for everything.
  • Remind employees to label any food with their name and consumable date before storing them in the refrigerator

A clean office makes a statement about your business. Ensuring the office is kept clean and clutter-free is easy with the aid of checklists. Since no two offices are identical, customised cleaning checklists include subtle changes to fit your specific office cleaning needs.

With demanding work schedules, employees may not always have the time to clean. If your office needs a helping hand in keeping an organized, clean and productive work space, engage with a professional cleaning services can be the best solution.