Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance


23 Apr: Natural Cleaning Solutions for the Most Notorious Carpet Stains

Carpeting is a highly favored interior design element in Singapore homes. This comes as no surprise, since carpeted flooring is not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes but also exudes warm, soft feel when walked on. Carpeting is also safer as it offers a comfortable playing spot for children and lowers the risk of them having injury during an unexpected fall. Notwithstanding its overall comfort and warmth, carpeting’s biggest disadvantage is its need for strict care and maintenance. Without regular…


16 Mar: Hazardous Chemicals in Commercial Carpet Cleaning Products

According to Telegraph UK, carpets operate like toxic sponges, which absorb high amounts of chemicals, pollutants and poison, subsequently released into the air as toxic fumes. Environmental Engineer, John Roberts, also claimed that a normal carpet contains increased levels of dangerous chemicals. In fact, in various laboratory testing done on carpet dust samples, he found that carpet dust had alarming levels of pesticidal content, along with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. What Dangerous Chemicals are Found in Carpet Cleaners? Greenpeace Research Laboratories…


15 Dec: Innovative Cleaning Trends that Shape the Future of Singapore’s Cleaning Industry

Singapore’s cleaning industry continues to evolve through the years. As of March 2017, its diverse population consists of 1,200 cleaning companies, with a labor force of about 58,000 cleaners. The government’s regulatory measures have been crucial to sustaining and shaping the cleaning industry. As part of the government’s commitment to raise service standards in cleaning, it implemented licensing requirements over the years. In 2010, the voluntary accreditation scheme (VAS) was introduced, followed by the enhanced clean mark accreditation scheme (EAS)…


10 Oct: Why Investing In Green Carpet Cleaning Services Is Good For Your Budget And Good For The Planet

There have been some concerns raised over strong chemicals used in carpet cleaning and how this affects indoor air quality and poses risks to the health of people and pets in the home or the office. The good news is, there are carpet cleaning services companies that use safer detergents that not only clean carpets effectively, they also pose no harm to people, pets, and the environment. What are benefits of green carpet cleaning? Consider the following: Less air pollution….