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Best Cleaning Tips to Help you Maintain a Healthier Work Environment

Based on the Employment Act, employees in Singapore are expected to work for not more than eight hours on a daily basis. Shift workers, on the other hand, render a maximum of 12 hours of work per day. Some would even render 72 hours of overtime monthly. This means that to a regular employee, office stay averages approximately 44 hours for a single work week.

Traditional workspaces are toxic and stressful and often take a toll on employee health. In a report published by Ministry of Manpower, it was found that many companies in Singapore lacked an integrated approach to better manage the safety, health and well-being of workers, leading to increased workplace injuries and ill health reports.

Office Cleaner: How to Achieve Hygiene and Sanitation in Work Spaces

Since you spend most of your time inside the office, it’s important to pursue a healthy office lifestyle.

Clean and Tidy Office Space

Time and effort must be exerted to create healthier office spaces conducive to wellness, productivity and creativity. Here are some tips on how to maintain a healthy environment at work:

  1. Use Natural Light In Office Interiors

    In a 2014 study conducted by the Northwestern Medicine and University of Illinois, workers exposed to more natural light as compared to those who received less light exposure enjoyed better health benefits, among these are better quality of life, greater physical activity, longer sleep and better sleep quality.

    Employees without windows and light exposure had poor scores on quality of life metrics and suffered more sleep disturbances. Further, exposure to natural light will likely increase your daily dose of Vitamin D.

    Office Natural Lights

  2. Grow Plants Inside Your Office

    A study by the Washington State University found that integrating plants in the office interiors resulted in lower blood pressures and increased the attentiveness of employees. Studies have shown that plants reduce physical ailments, along with fatigue and stress.

    Since every office environment has predominantly sealed air, it tends to contain more pollutants.

    Dr. Bringslimark likewise discovered that foliage plants are able to produce more oxygen and even decompose toxic microorganisms in the air. To

    lessen the health risks of pollutants, it’s best to grow plants inside the office as it improves your indoor air quality.

    Office Plants

  3. Equip The Office With Recreational Areas

    Installing recreational areas like an indoor pingpong table yields certain health benefits. Instead of sitting all day, team members can have fun, while enduring some type of physical activity. The friendly competition can even establish better team cohesion and rapport between your office mates.

  4. Bring Healthier Snacks

    Busy people tend to eat unhealthy foods. Unhealthy lunch and snack options are a lot cheaper and faster than healthier alternatives, hence it seems more appealing in the middle of a busy work schedule. According to a study by the Harvard Business Review, higher intake of fruits and vegetables increase creativity, engagement and happiness.

    Office Healthy Snacks width=

  5. Thorough Cleaning Measures By Hiring A Professional Office Cleaner

    Research shows that office cleanliness is directly linked to employee productivity. A study by HLW International LLP, which featured 400 participants consisting of managers and employees, revealed that the sanitation of office environments heavily influenced the productivity levels of employees.

    Office Professional Cleaner

To drastically improve office hygiene and sanitation, try consulting a professional office cleaner. Hiring the services of accredited cleaning technicians guarantees satisfactory cleaning in the following areas: regular office cleaning such as dusting of office furniture and equipment, vacuuming and mopping, waste management, carpet cleaning, floor polishing and window cleaning. Professional office cleaners at Avalon Services know how to execute cleaning jobs properly and leave your work spaces clean, hygienic and healthy. Learn how our office cleaners can be of service to you, contact us today!