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8 Misconceptions About Professional Carpet Cleaning Companies

A clean and healthy carpet doesn’t always have to be expensive and impractical to maintain. Be aware of these top 8 carpet cleaning misconceptions so you can hire the right company for your carpet cleaning.

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Misconception #1: Low-priced carpet cleaning service is a great value for your money.

It is undeniable that all consumers, to some degree, cannot resist considering any product or service with a low price tag or is available at any per cent markdown value. This is mainly because we want something to work within our budget allocation.

And it’s not surprising that many homemakers or business owners possess this kind of attitude when it comes to finding available carpet cleaning service for their residential or work space.

However, there are companies who take advantage of this situation by offering their carpet cleaning service at an unbelievably low price.

Companies like these can only survive by having under-trained, underpaid, overworked employees who use poor quality equipment or who don’t have access to up-to-date carpet cleaning technology.

You will end up getting carpet that is insufficiently cleaned or prematurely replaced; worse, your warranty becomes void if you do not hire IICRC technicians or if your carpet comes in contact with cleaning agents and equipment not approved by CRI (The Carpet and Rug Institute).

Misconception #2: Getting the basic cleaning process is sufficient for your carpet.

A common practice by unethical companies is the bait-and-switch technique.

It involves offering a basic service (a single carpet cleaning process) which is usually associated with poor workmanship and no guarantee.

During the carpet cleaning process, they will do a ‘hard sell’ on the consumer to pressure him or her to avail the multi-step service which they claim to be more effective and has guarantee.

Needless to say, skimping on a comprehensive carpet cleaning service and settling for the basic process leaves you short-changed because it won’t reach your expectation and might even cost you more in the long run.

Misconception #3: A highly recommended service by a reputable company is what your carpet needs.

This is dangerous for two reasons: unsupported claims and incompatibility.

First, any company can claim that it provides a highly recommended type of carpet cleaning service for your needs.

However, you should check out first all the consumer feedback and comments about it. This is the safest way to determine if the claim is true or not.

Second, you should identify your specific goals, timeline, and expectations. Just because a specific carpet cleaning service is popular among previous and existing clients doesn’t mean that it is the right offer that you should engage.

Misconception #4: Hot water is a no-no for my carpet.

This is an accurate observation IF it involves any of the following:

  • Over-shampooing
  • Over-wetting
  • Premature contact of furniture and equipment with the carpet

And this is something that happens when you try the DIY route during your carpet cleaning schedule.

But when professional cleaners handle the job, hot water extraction or steam cleaning can be one of the most effective methods of eliminating all the carpet filth and restoring it to its former radiance.

Misconception #5: Six months is the minimum time to schedule a carpet cleaning session.

It depends on the amount of foot traffic that your carpet receives on a daily basis. And you also have to factor in all the dirt and dust as well as the accidental stains and spills that come in contact with it.

Yes, regular vacuuming helps a lot to prevent the premature wear-and-tear of all these abrasive elements on your carpet. And your diligence in blotting out blemishes is also commendable.

But the longer you wait before scheduling the right carpet cleaning service, the faster the wear-and-tear process can happen.

Misconception #6: Professional carpet cleaning service is for heavy-duty or complicated carpet impurity or contamination only.

If you think that it’s just regular dirt and dust that you have to tackle on when cleaning your carpet, you’re making a mistake.

Whether it is your private dwelling or a corporate office building, both spaces are subjected and prone to an endless list of chemicals, toxins, and hazardous elements that settle in to your carpet fibres.

Foregoing the services of a reputable carpet cleaning company can result to aggravated allergic reactions, lung-related illnesses, and other health complications due to improperly cleaned carpets.

Misconception #7: A carpet cleaning company with modern equipment and cutting-edge technology is the right man for the job.

It certainly has its advantages but unless the carpet cleaning crew is properly trained and experienced to utilise these tools, your carpet will bear the brunt of inefficient cleaning method that is overpriced and uncalled for.

It is therefore essential to inquire if the company employs IICRC (Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) professionals. This will guarantee that they are authorised to handle the right equipment and they possess the right skills for the job.

Misconception #8: Organic carpet cleaning products are not as effective as its conventional counterparts.

Definitely not! In fact, the toxicity levels of ordinary carpet cleaning products are dangerous enough for both humans and pets as well as to the environment.

Putting toxic carpet cleaning chemicals on an already toxic material (like the carpet) greatly increases the risk of illnesses, unproductivity, and carbon emission.

Besides, would you entrust your carpet and your overall well-being to a carpet cleaning company who does not uphold environmentally-conscious practices?

Why Choose Avalon Services as Your Carpet Cleaning Provider

Avalon Services has a professional reputation built on excellence, custom-made yet revolutionary approaches, and eco-friendly operation.

When you choose Avalon Services as your carpet cleaning provider, you can be assured that your carpet will receive the best type of treatment that it deserves at a price you’ll find justifiable and that is safe for humans and the environment.


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