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7 Downsides of Deciding to DIY Your Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to office carpet cleaning, going the DIY route can do more harm than good.

Whether you’re entertaining potential clients or preparing for a presentation with future investors, good first impressions in your business matter.

Making sure your office space is in its tiptop condition starts with the condition of your carpet flooring.

So even if you feel like you never notice any speck of dirt in your tidy carpet flooring – or even when you think that they always smell fresh and odour-free – the truth is that it is exposed to dirt, allergens, and bacteria every single day.

What Makes Office Carpets Dirty

office carpet

From the first few minutes at the start of each work day until the clock strikes at 6 PM, your office carpet is subjected to all sorts of wear-and-tear: never-ending traffic, constant streams of employees and customers, heavy office equipment, and so much more.

An accidental coffee spill, a muddy pair of shoes, some loose hair strands, or another person’s sandwich crumbs – all of these can work their way into your carpet – eliminating that fresh, odour-free scent and eventually decreasing its lifespan.

Why Businesses Delay (or Skip!) Professional Carpet Cleaning

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The rise of the do-it-yourself (DIY) culture – thanks to Pinterest, HGTV, and other DIY sites – is evident in various facets of personal and professional living.

And as the Internet becomes a vital tool for day-to-day company operations, it is unsurprising to see many business owners embrace the DIY trend – even in the important aspect of office carpet cleaning.

Going the DIY route when it comes to carpet care and maintenance has its perks, especially if you’re trying to find a cheaper, more convenient alternative than what professional carpet cleaners can offer.

But is it worth the risk?

7 Downsides of Deciding to DIY Your Carpet Cleaning

Read on to know about the seven reasons why DIY carpet cleaning is a big no-no for your office carpet.

  1. Over-Shampooing

    This occurs when too much liquid detergent is poured over the carpet or when the carpet is not thoroughly rinsed.

    When this happens, that leftover soapy residue will eventually be too stubborn to clean out, making your office carpet a virtual dirt and bacteria magnet. By the time you schedule for a professional carpet shampooing session, you might pay a lot more than the basic service, or worse, the carpet might be beyond restoration.

  2. Over-Wetting

    This occurs when too much water and/or cleaning formula soaks into the bottom of the carpet or when water extraction from the carpet is not done properly.

    Your main concern is size shrinkage of your office carpet which leads to adhesion problems. If the shrinkage is slight enough to be noticeable, you may be able to stretch the carpet back into place. Otherwise, carpet replacement is inevitable.

  3. Stains from Office Furniture and Equipment

    When you forego professional carpet cleaning services, this would require you to move all office furniture and equipment on your own. And sometimes, you’re tempted not to move some of it from its original position.

    However, most wooden furniture release dyes when left in contact with carpet flooring; office equipment with metal feet might have rust that you’re not aware or – both of which will leave stubborn stains.

  4. Delaminated Carpet

    When you forego professional carpet cleaning services, this runs the risk of detaching the secondary backing from the primary backing of your office carpet.

    Carpet delamination is a potential danger when you spray on too much liquid cleaner, when you use the wrong carpet cleaner, or when you don’t dry it completely.

  5. Build-Up of Mould, Mildew, and Other Microbes

    When you choose to go the DIY carpet cleaning route, this allows you to deal with your office carpets at your most convenient time. But the amount of water involved would just prolong the drying time.

    Your main concern is not just about the smelly odours it projects (even when you schedule it over a long weekend!) by the time you get back to the office on an early Monday morning.

    It is the fact that wet carpet is a prime breeding ground for mould and mildew, not to mention microbe growth, which somehow defeats the purpose of DIY carpet cleaning.

  6. Using the Wrong Cleaner

    Modern office carpets include different materials, chemical properties, and protective finishes that would react poorly when exposed to the wrong cleaning agent.

    Even the most internet-savvy bloggers cannot offer the most suitable carpet cleaning advice that is necessary for a specific carpet flooring material.

    Only commercial office carpet cleaners can provide the right type of carpet cleaning solutions and techniques that can be credited to years of professional experience, training, and certifications.

  7. Poor Results

    Store-bought carpet cleaning devices lack the power and precision of professional equipment. On the other hand, renting a commercial carpet cleaning machines would entail more inconvenience on your part and worse, poor results when the job is not done properly.

Why Invest on Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

It is never too early or too expensive to schedule a regular commercial carpet cleaning service for your office carpet flooring.

This will allow you to build a customised and cost-effective maintenance program that will uphold the integrity and prolong the longevity of your office carpet.

When you invest in a reputable carpet cleaning provider like the Avalon Services, you’re actually getting value-laden deal for your allotted office maintenance budget.

Taking pride in being one of the few accredited Singapore cleaning companies by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), you can be confident that Avalon Services will provide you with industry-standard office carpet cleaning service that will always make for a good first impression in your business.


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