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Why Investing In Green Carpet Cleaning Services Is Good For Your Budget And Good For The Planet

There have been some concerns raised over strong chemicals used in carpet cleaning and how this affects indoor air quality and poses risks to the health of people and pets in the home or the office.

The good news is, there are carpet cleaning services companies that use safer detergents that not only clean carpets effectively, they also pose no harm to people, pets, and the environment.

What are benefits of green carpet cleaning? Consider the following:

  1. Less air pollution.

    Carpet detergents that do not contain harmful indoor or outdoor pollutants and produce no toxic by-products ensures safer air. This assures the healthcare of both people and pets in the office or home by reducing risks of respiratory problems such as asthma and other allergic reactions.

    Baby Crawl

    Young children and toddlers who most of the time crawl on the carpet and breathe close to it are most susceptible to possible respiratory infection due to chemicals used in carpet cleaning.

    Toddler Playing In The Carpet

    Among the more common respiratory infections reported from inhaling strong carpet cleaning detergent include coughing, sneezing, headaches and nausea, asthma attacks, migraines, eye and nose irritation, dizziness, fatigue and exhaustion.

    Engaging carpet cleaning companies that use certified green carpet cleaning products is important in safeguarding the health of family members, employees and even pets from these potential hazards.
  2. Protection for health.

    It is important to use non-toxic green carpet cleaning solutions that pose no harm to health, but it is equally important that the solution is strong enough to kill bacteria, molds, and other microorganisms that can breed on the carpet. A poorly cleaned carpet can also pose health risks as these bacteria and other microorganisms can be disease carriers. The goal is to clean the carpet thoroughly and effectively without the polluting residue.

    Engaging a carpet cleaning company that uses green carpet cleaning products makes achieving both clean carpets and a healthy, pollution-free environment possible.
  3. Less water waste.

    Another benefit of green carpet cleaning is that it requires lesser water to be washed. Water is a precious and scarce resource especially in Singapore, and must therefore be conserved. Chemical carpet detergents take more water to wash away. The chemical discarded can also seep through and contaminate the ground.

    Green carpet cleaning solutions that are certified “readily biodegradable,” will not cause environmental pollution. This means that when the carpet is washed and goes into the drain, no harmful chemical will contaminate the ground and reach underground water sources.

    With lesser need for water, green carpet cleaning also takes lesser time to dry up the carpet. This is an added benefit that reduces the possibility of bacteria and molds breeding in the carpet, which usually happens when it is left wet for a long time. A carpet that isn’t thoroughly dried up ends up with a foul smell caused by the presence of the bacteria. It would need another round of carpet washing and cleaning to take this smell away, doubling up the cost and time spent.
  4. Extend life of carpet.

    Green carpet cleaning also extends the life of the carpet. While strong chemical detergents can remove visible stains, grime, and dirt from your carpet, they may also cause discoloration and faster wear and tear. They can thin out the fibre of your carpet and deteriorate its quality and beauty faster.
    In contrast, green carpet cleaning services are a great investment to make because they can remove dirt and unwanted smell, while preserving the quality of your carpet at the same time. The investment you make on green carpet cleaning is worth it, compared to having to buy a new carpet that has been prematurely worn out due to heavy chemical cleaning.

    Green carpet cleaning products are tough on dirt, and gentle on your carpet.
  5. Better for the planet.

    Eco Friendly Home Carpet Cleaning
    With mounting concerns about how chemicals in carpet cleaning detergents breakdown and pollute the environment, the importance of green carpet cleaning products has never been more emphasised. Choosing a carpet cleaning company that uses products that meet industry certifications, such as the Green Seal standards, or those products which are classified by environmental authorities such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as “biodegradable” will help reduce the risks of the carpet cleaning to an already fragile environment.

    With green carpet cleaning products, it is possible to enjoy clean, fresh smelling, and beautiful carpets while at the same time become responsible towards environmental stewardship.

Guide to Carpet Cleaning Pricing

In Singapore, carpet cleaning services prices vary depending on the size of the carpet, the amount of dirt and grime, and how fast the client wants the carpet cleaning to get done.

As a guide, residential carpet cleaning rates can start from $150 inclusive of pick up and delivery. A 45-minute clean up for a carpet size anywhere that is less than 700 square feet can range anywhere from $250 to $280.

This price can go up to $400 for cleaning that takes an hour to an hour and a half or for a carpet size of up to 1500 square feet. Suffice it to say, the price goes higher along with the carpet size and the amount of time needed to clean it.

Offices and homes in Singapore can request for a free assessment for carpet areas above 5001 square feet.

Choose A Carpet Cleaning Company That Uses Green Cleaning Products

The important thing is to choose a carpet cleaning company that uses cleaning agents that are certified green, such as the Von Schrader products.

A world-recognised brand when it comes to carpet cleaning materials, 99% of products manufactured by Von Schrader meet the EU Detergent Directive.

Von Schrader is also a partner to the US EPA for its Safer Detergent Strategic Initiative. Von Schrader products are trusted worldwide to deliver a thorough carpet clean that takes care of your carpet, your health and the health of the planet.

You Have The Right To Know!

How do you know if the carpet cleaning company is using cleaning products that are safe for people, pets, and planets?
Mom, Dad & Baby

The important thing is to talk to the cleaning company first and find out if they are using certified green products or those marked “readily biodegradable.” Some would even use organic ones. Read their certifications carefully.

Engaging the services of a carpet cleaning company that uses quality green carpet cleaning products and employ licensed professionals to do the cleaning job assures you your money’s worth.

The health and well-being of your employees and family members should never be compromised. A poorly cleaned carpet that leaves harmful chemical residues at the same time could harm your family and employees’ health, the carpet’s over-all condition, and the environment’s welfare as well.

As a client, you can vote with your dollar on a professional carpet cleaning company that uses green cleaning products to make your indoor air safer, and to make the planet less-polluted as well.

Going green makes perfect economic sense as well, because you get the enjoyment of a clean carpet that smells so good and lets you breathe free, while at the same time not have to replace the carpet sooner than you should.

Make green carpet cleaning your choice—it’s an investment that is worthwhile.