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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions About Marble Floor Polishing

Marble floor polishing is the process of cleaning, smoothening, and polishing a marble floor to remove dirt, scratches and to preserve its natural shine and lustre.
Polished marble floor

Here are ten frequently asked questions about marble floor polishing.

1) How do marble cleaning companies choose a cleaning product in the market that is suitable for marble floor?

A marble floor polishing specialist is often asked the question on whether it uses eco-friendly cleaning products. A range of cleaning products is available from supermarkets today, and some can be eco-friendly while others chemical-based. The important thing to remember when choosing cleaning products for marble floors is that regular cleaning products used for mopping floors may not be advisable to use on marble floors. This is because acidic products can damage or reduce the natural lustre of a marble stone. It is important to choose a pH neutral product for cleaning the marble so that it preserves its natural lustre while at the same time keeps dirt and scratches away.

2) What spills can damage marble floors?

Generally, all spills on a marble flooring should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid staining the marble. A natural stone like marble is alkali and can easily be vulnerable to acidic content, such as coffee, wine, pet urine, milk, juices and similar liquids. Use a clean, soft cloth or tissue to absorb the spill immediately. For spill that already lightly stained on the marble floor, use a slightly damp cloth to dab on the marble flooring. Do not wipe the marble floor, as doing so will only spread the liquid on other parts of the floor.

3) How quickly can you restore my marble floor?

The amount of time needed to restore a marble floor depends on the extent of the scratches, dirt or the lost shine of the marble flooring. As a marble floor polishing company, we will first clean the marble floor, including grouts, using non-acidic cleaning substance. Then, we will remove specific stains, and finally the marble will be given a good polish. Polishing marble floors requires careful work so as not to overly clean the marble floor surface to an extent it sustains a scratch.

4) Why has my Marble floor lost its shine?

There are several factors why a marble floor could lose its shine. One of them is simply neglect. Marble is a highly porous material, which means that dirt and spills that don’t immediately get cleaned off the marble flooring will usually seep deep into its pore. Remember to diligently clean the dirt and spill as soon as it occurs, polish marble flooring after a thorough clean, and apply a sealant to protect the marble floor and preserve its shine.

5) Can you repair damage to my marble floor?

When newly installed, marble floors have smooth, shiny finish that exude elegance in any room or space. Overtime and without proper care, marble floors can get scratches, and can lose its natural lustre. Marble floors can look dull. Not all is lost. There is a way to repair damage to a marble floor. The simple way to remember the repair process is considering 3Rs – Remove the broken marble floor tiles, Replace with new ones, Restore the shine by cleaning, polishing, and sealing.

6) Is polishing marble noisy?

Polishing a marble floor might necessitate the use of a special equipment which can produce some low-level noise. We can make arrangement to do the job at a time when no one is at home or in the office so that disruptions to work or to daily activities can be avoided.

7) How to avoid permanent stains?

The only way to avoid permanent stains is to carefully dab out the possible stain-causing material immediately. Applying a marble sealant is also another way to protect marble floors. Remember, though, that sealant must be inspected and re-applied over a period. Depending on the foot traffic on the marble, sealant may be reapplied once a year or every two years; depending the foot usage.

8) Why is it not safe to use regular household cleaning materials for marble?

Because of their acidic content, regular household cleaning materials might do more harm than good on your marble floor. Remember to use only a pH neutral cleaning material to effectively remove dirt or stain and scratches off your marble floor without damaging it.

9) Can lost lustre be restored?

Yes, lost lustre can be restored. Again, cleaning the marble thoroughly, removing scratches, polishing it and then applying a sealant can help restore lost lustre.

10) Is marble maintenance free compared to other flooring material?

All kinds of flooring require maintenance. However, marble flooring would require specialized care. It needs proper cleaning and proper polishing to maintain its elegant shine. The beauty of it is that marble flooring can last forever – with proper care, it can beautify homes or offices for a long time without a need for replacement.

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