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Marble Polishing Services: Giving Your Marble Floors A Makeover

Marble is harvested deep from the depths of the earth and are quite rare. It is a very special element to incorporate into your home interior design, and provides an opulent flooring material for any part of your home. Whether the room is small or spacious enough, marble can transform the room into an elegant and regal space for anyone.

Although very resilient, marble floors may chip or weaken too over time. After all, nothing lasts forever. Some varieties of marble also tend to undergo discoloration as a result of the impurities of its contents. For example, white marble tends to have a light green discoloration (in snaking lines) because of the chemical reaction between its magnesium and silica content. Thus, it is important to care for your marble floors at least every five to seven years.

Hiring A Marble Polishing Services For Your Needs

Marble floor polishing methods used in Singapore essentially involves two methods: wet and dry. The wet method, basically, involves using natural and artificial pastes or cleaning agents to make your marble shine. Natural pastes usually come in the form of a mixture composed of baking soda and water. A soft cloth is dipped into this mixture and scrubbed over the marble floors. It is effective in removing mild staining, although pressure is needed to be successful at it.

The dry method, on the other hand, involves a more complicated process. Dry-polishing would usually involve stone grinder or cutting machine which creates a fine dust over the surface of the marble. Unless you have your own machine, you can go to marble polishing contractors out there for assistance in dry-cleaning your marble. That’s because your contractor may have different polishing pads available– which could be made from stone or metal—that will suit your marble polishing needs.

Looking For Reliable Marble Polishing Services

Reliable Marble Polishing Services abound in Singapore, following the need for marble contractors in the area. Most Singapore home owners and condominium unit owners prefer to have marble installed in their homes, and some of them are not familiar with maintaining it, and may not even have the time for it.

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