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How To Do A Proper Carpet Shampoo The Way Expert Carpet Cleaning Services Do It

 proper way of carpet shampooing

Carpet shampooing is one of the more popular carpet cleaning services available from carpet cleaning companies.

A carpet shampoo gives your carpet a deeper, more thorough clean than regular vacuuming. It loosens deep soil and dirt and washes these off, leaving your carpet feeling, smelling and looking fresh and clean.

How Is Proper Carpet Shampooing Done?

3 steps to a proper carpet shampoo

How do professional carpet cleaning services companies do carpet shampoo? There are basically three steps:

Step 1: Prepare The Area

The first step is to prepare the area to be cleaned. Clear the area of any furniture, including big furniture like sofa, table, or beds, ensuring that there is sufficient space to move around. Carefully move furniture out of the room to allow the hidden and hard-to-reach portions of the carpet to be exposed and cleaned. Moving furniture out will also protect the furniture from getting wet, and therefore, will avoid having to do extra and unnecessary work of drying and cleaning them up.

Step 2. Conduct Preliminary Cleaning

After clearing the room, give the carpet an initial clean by vacuuming the entire carpeted area. Start from the corner, and work your way out until the entire carpet is vacuumed. Make sure to empty the dust bag when full. Some specialized vacuum cleaners can both suck out dry dust and dirt as well as liquids.

After vacuuming, check the carpet for spots and stains. Using a stain remover, spot-clean the area to remove the stain completely. Give the carpet a thorough check and when all is clean, proceed with the carpet shampoo.

Step 3. Proceed With Carpet Shampooing

Finally, you can now give your carpet a shampoo. To do this, you will need a specialized machine, normally called a carpet shampooer, and a carpet shampoo solution.

A carpet shampooer usually consists of a motor that powers a shampooing brush, a liquid extractor that dries up the area after it’s been shampooed, a liquid collector where extracted liquid is flushed into, and a container for the carpet shampoo solution.

A Carpet shampoo

To do a proper carpet shampoo, you must first have the right shampoo solution. There can be a variety of shampoo solutions to choose from. Check with professional carpet cleaning companies for organic shampoo solutions, or those that are chemical-free or allergy-free especially if you have sensitivities to chemical-based solutions. If you’re going to mix the solution yourself, strictly follow the instructions. Putting too much water and too little of the solution may not make it an effective shampoo to clean your carpet. Putting too much solution may produce too much suds, making it difficult to rinse off the shampoo.

Carpet cleaning experts use warm water to mix with a carpet shampoo to effectively activate the solution. They then use cool or room temperature water to rinse off the solution afterwards, giving the carpet area a thorough rinse instead of creating and leaving more suds behind.

B. Carpet shampooer

There are shampooing machines that immediately extract the shampoo solution after it has been applied on one area of the carpet. Other shampooing machines would need you to finish shampooing the entire carpet area first, and then run the extractor afterwards.

The important thing to remember is that you’ll need to thoroughly extract the shampoo solution to leave the carpet area clean and dry. Any liquid that is left to seep into the carpet will cause a foul odour later if it is left to dry on its own. The importance of thorough extraction cannot be more emphasized.

A newly shampooed carpet feels, smells, and looks clean and fresh. When replacing your furniture back into the room, remove your shoes and make sure your feet are clean to avoid dirtying your carpet. Be careful not to scratch or damage the carpet surface as you move furniture around.

Contact Professional Carpet Cleaning Services To Do A Proper Shampoo For You!

If all these sound too much work for you, let professional carpet cleaning services do the job. They have the right shampoo solution and shampooing machines to give your carpet a thorough clean, making it look and feel brand new every time, all the time.

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